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Imagine it's 1960 something...

Comic book icon Stan Lee decides he doesn't want to “chase” or “convince” Hollywood producers to turn his stories into big budget movies, but instead decides his best course of action to get his characters and stories on film is to take the rising popularity of the “attraction marketing” philosophy to heart.

Stan says to himself,

"I will set up a website funnel, build my personal brand and watch my movies on the silver screen in a few short years."

Poor stupid Stan, he took the  long hard road of dogged persistence. If only he had someone to show him that he can get The Avengers, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy movies made easily and rejection free  by using the proven principles of Attraction Marketing.

You know an auto-responder when you see one, and so does everyone else.

It’s just a clever way to pester people without believing you actually are and then having to feel rejected.

Ask yourself…

“How many auto response emails do I  read myself?”

I'm subscribed to probably over 30 and I read very few of them. Because I know the person behind them has no emotional connection to my needs. I'm just one subscriber in a sea of thousands.


How many emails do you read when someone tells you they are sending you one and gets you to promise them that you will read it?

This is the subtle disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to real engagement from prospects.

The fortune it seems, is no longer in the follow up, the fortune is in building a massively ineffective  email list filled with people who are as ambivalent about your success as you are with theirs.

My upline has made over $67 million and he didn't use a website or even email to do it. There is a lost art to listening and asking the right questions that I am trying to reestablish as a legitimate and effective method of building a solid MLM business.

Why do people do everything they can to insulate themselves from rejection? People who do not have an interest in my product or business can say "no" and it doesn't affect me beyond the brief feeling of disappointment. 

Why should you care who tells you no?

If Stan had cared, $15 billion worth of the most entertaining and fun movies ever made would never have existed.

Most of the attraction marketing gurus are profiting… but it's from their ability to attract to themselves and sell fearful network marketers the myth that this business can be built without persistence and taking risks.

I do better psychologically knowing if someone has zero interest than wondering if they have any at all. Once you embrace this mindset it's much easier to focus on the activities that will generate product sales and recruits for your business.

I think about a story of one of the nicest people I personally know who is a legend in this industry.

Vicki, who, with a three-day notice on her mobile home, went door to door with a box of products she borrowed from her upline supervisor, to gather enough customers so she could get to the first management position in her first 30 days, and who, within nine months of that day, went on stage at the national convention as a National Marketing Director.

She was inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame, because she didn't have anything but her absolute “ I can't quit” attitude to build her huge business.

Does it sound like she was afraid of rejection? I imagine her being scared and at the same time determined to make it work no matter what. How “attractive” did she look to her potential prospects?

I will leave you with this:

Remembrance to the undaunted Stan Lee

I hope he showed us all what it really takes to live out your dreams, if you want them bad enough!

I am disallowed from posting it here, but please read Calvin Coolidge's famous quote on persistence.

To your success

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This article was published on 20.08.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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