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A phenomenal LIVE Game Sports App will launch in the Fall 2016 buy United Games, and tremendous excitement is building worldwide. With the recent success of Pokemon which was not a global launch, the expectation is that the powerful impact of this LIVE Sports App will be like nothing the world has even seen. Not hard to believe when one considers that it was created by Mark Mongie: the top designer of many games, including the creation of NCAA Football, Madden NFL, and NASCAR Thunder.

I am a 57 year old Networker and have never played an Online game in my life, but will soon become an avid player of Online Interactive Sports, utilizing United Games LIVE Sports App. Why am I suddenly so enthused? Like so many in network marketing, I have been searching for that one opportunity via which I could work and attain true financial Independence, without the concerns of attrition in my downline. Also finally a company that is truly global, no FDA etc. restrictions.  Many have already visited their office in Utah, USA and they are all very impressed. This company is a winner.

United Games is about to literally rock the networking industry....no exaggeration...Millionaires will be made. The funny thing is though, it is not designed like MLM, but it is attracting us networkers by the thousands worldwide. Where you know it is not your traditional networking business, is the fact that the number of Affiliates are Limited, and the door will be shut on August 26th 2016. All who beat that deadline and Register now would have positioned themselves to earn astronomical monthly income. Your only financial commitment will be $29.99 one time payment at launch and thereafter $9.99 monthly. No Commissions are paid from these two payments. All commissions will be paid from revenue generated when the players download and play via the FREE app. Do not under estimate the power of this business.

Listen, I am a networker and not a sports playing one at that, so all I have given you as "sizzle' so far. To learn more Click HERE to watch a short video, then complete the form so I can send you your Registration CODE...you cannot register without it. Then you click HERE for an lengthy informal overview of the business from Corporate. It is about 2 hours long, but investing that time can positively change your life forever. Don't get left behind...Register Today!!

This article was published on 18.07.2016 by Beverley Joseph
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