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Position Yourself With Karatbars Gold

Position yourself and get yourself at the front of this upheaval. 

Discover more and register at 

Pioneers are currently qualified to apply from Russia, India, and Pakistan as we have opened these nations this week. 


KaratCoinBank is the first crypto bank working worldwide with a capital of USD 100 Million 

with our own KaratCoinBank coin 

with our own Exchange 

with our own Global Payment System 

with our own Gold Mine (in Madagascar) 

Future Development: 

New Blockchain with an adaptable expense framework which can be utilized worldwide for the installment of exchanges utilizing gold autonomously straightforward decentralized 

Improvement of a crypto telephone together with Sony beginning in 2019 

Development of the mine in Madagascar in 2019 

Dispatch of 10,000 ATM's beginning 2021 

Buy 2 increasingly gold mines by 2021 

Karatbars was established in 2011 and is an immediate showcasing business with in excess of 530,000 Affiliates around the world 

Karatbars has built up an installment framework utilizing Gold and CashGold 

Harald Seiz, Karatbars Mission Statement 2019 

Harald Seiz sets out the vision for Karatbars International in 2019. 

The Karatbars Cryptocurrency ICO was one of the greatest ever. 

The computerized gold installment framework is prepared, the Karatbit trade is prepared, the crypto telephone will be with us in the following couple of months. The ATM's and the computerized stock trade will be here this year! 

Harald Seiz, Karatbars Mission Statement 2019 

Harald talks about the vision for the future and how Karatbit, Karatpay, and Karatbars all fit together. 

The issue with such a large number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) has been that they depend only on a thought. At the point when an ICO is still only a thought, at that point regardless of a creative and mechanically solid idea, despite everything it remains proportionate to an idea on a planning phase. For it to be effective, it must have sponsorship. Its designers must have an approach to carry the plan to fulfillment. Most new pursuits never get off the ground. Those that do confront a grand move to productivity, from which generally fall. Like guessing in penny stocks, when you purchase ICOs that have no support, the chances are against you. 

Karatbars International has turned this ICO model on its head with the presentation of Karatgold Coin. Instead of discharging an ICO upheld by only a thought, it has discharged an ICO sponsored by strong gold. 

Join us:

David Williams

Karatbars International

WBW Global Director

This article was published on 21.07.2019 by David Williams
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