Tiens business plan is attractieve

Nice let me explien about our bussines details :

According to stastics from world health organisation(WHO) only 5% of people are healthy, 80% people are not in good health, and 15% people are considered unhealthy. And it statste that most people put up with without realising there's anything wrong.60% of our health lies in our hand determiend by the diet, food suppliments and lifestyles choieces you make.

Tiens international have a mission to deliver balanced health and wealth aroud the globe to you, your familie and friends. 

The company profile:Founded in 1995 by mr. li jinyuan in Tianjin,chaina. Tiens have branches in 110 countries and over 12 million counsumers worldwide.

Mission:provide quality products and opportunites build harmonious international society.

bussiness philosophy : contributing to society by restoring health to mankind.

Tiens international  sale product like purification, replenishing and strengthening food suppliemnts.

Tiens products are:

zink capsules, chitosan capsules,spirulina capsules,slimming tea, super calcium powder, super calcium powder with lecithin, super calcium powder with metabolic factors,lipid metabolic management tea,double-celloulce....etc

tiens equipments...acupoints Health care apparatus, blood pressure depresssor and monitor sf852, jijun pressure lowering device, qi circulation massaver s780ked, weight reducing belt slimming belt (S)(L), multifactional leg massager.....etc.

over 160 different products have the company also very intersting marketing plan that if you buy products and let buy others you will get 25%-45% commission from the sales your downline networkes and more downline network you have you can get more commision and boneses.And Special awards like international travel ,car award, yacht , privet jet and villa...according to your achivements......

you will have 6 incomes

1.15% discount

2.5-43% direct bonus

3.4-38% inderict bonus

4.1-5% leadership bonus

5.2% special gift

6.3% gelobal share

accourding to your achivements

registeration fee 20$ most countries...but in eu at this moment no registration fee.if buy 200 dollars product  you will be 3* distributer you to start to get commisons from downlines sales. 

8 basic building blocks is important for the bussines

1.write your dreams

write your dreams and share with family friends


be serious and professional

3.name list

write at least 150 contacts


invite people from your name list


Give presentation daily


follow up afte presentation


consult your sponser


expand your business

you will get all health and wealth benfit from our company...if you send me your personal email i will send you the documents..or send me your whats up no . i will be your sponser my sponsor id is:81171781 look www.tiens.com

it is realy goed pportinty....dont miss it.

greeting ,

A. tetemke

This article was published on 17.04.2016 by Tsegerda Hotel
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