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Where Is the Future of Blockchain Going?

The technology that enables Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to exist has the potential to do a lot more than that. Although blockchain technology may have first been implemented to enable the decentralized, distributed currencies that have made headlines for their dramatic increases in value (and their equally shocking crashes), major industries have their eyes on blockchain for a different reason. These cryptographically secured chains of data blocks are useful for a vast number of purposes and are already being implemented in a number of industries. Here’s what we can expect from the future of blockchain.

Blockchain Could Help Stop Identity Theft

With personal information becoming more fungible, it’s become easier for ill-intentioned hackers to steal information from a central source and then use it to impersonate people. Identity theft is on the rise, with almost 17 million victims reported in the last year alone. But blockchain could be the solution. In the future, people may have decentralized digital identities that are distributed via a blockchain, allowing them to verify or flag any usage of their information across the Internet. Anyone seeking to use the information would need a unique cryptographic key that would be borderline impossible to fake. Add biometric verification to the equation and you’re close to a theft-proof system.

Traditional Finance Will Get Behind Blockchain

Even as people in the offline finance world have cautioned against buying into cryptocurrency (typically on the basis that it has no real-world value) the finance industry has started investing heavily in blockchain technology, recognizing its potential to streamline many of their inefficient processes. Nasdaq has partnered with a cryptocurrency infrastructure firm called Chain to experiment with using blockchain for trading shares. JP Morgan Chase has launched a system for interbank payments using the Ethereum blockchain, as part of the massive Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. And UBS and Barclays are both trying blockchain to simplify their back-office operations.

Private Blockchains Will Emerge For Companies And People

While most blockchains used for cryptocurrencies are public and distributed across the computer of everyone using the software, it’s likely we’ll see widespread private blockchains in years to come. Shipping companies, for example, have started developing private blockchains to track and verify their deliveries, a process that is woefully behind the times. The private blockchain can reduce theft and fraud and make it much simpler for companies to confirm their deliveries.

More P2P Transactions Will Shift To Blockchain

While blockchain originated to facilitate online P2P payments, it hasn’t really filled that role yet. Expect to see that happen as developers work on practical applications for blockchain in everyday life. For example: a rideshare system using a blockchain could eliminate the need for a middleman like Uber, letting individuals pay each other directly with verified transactions on the blockchain to ensure neither side reneges on the deal. You’ll also see people using blockchain to pay each other for things like graphic design.

Blockchain is here to stay! As more companies invest in the technology, we’ll see it expanding beyond the world of cryptocurrencies to eliminate inefficiencies in business, reduce fraud, and streamline making and receiving payments easier for everyone.

This article was published on 21.10.2021 by Pavankumar Hadli
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