13 reasons why you should join zarfund and earn up to 128BTC ($80000)

1) It is a crowd funding concept no borrowing, no contracts, free will donations

2) Earning potential 128BTC ($80000) in a few weeks from 0.03BTC ($18)

3) minimal risk exposure

4) Recruitment is done through Teamwork

5) No scamming, member to member money transfer

6) quick return on investment

7) double up your money in a few days

8) program has picked so much heat. 2000+ people join every day

9) Block chain confirm transactions automatically- no fake proof of payment

10) zarfund is a free platform- no admin fee

11) no waiting for people to confirm your payment

12) no more reversal of payments

13) no more delays in donations


Great offer from ZARFUND TEAM COLLEN

We will win together in Zarfund. I'm looking for dedicated cadres who are willing to change their finances in this interesting and fun way. Allow me to share with you why you must start considering joining #Team Collen.

1) Get instant welcome bonus of $3 as soon as you sign up and pay ( limited offer)

2) Get help to find your first 2 down liners

3) free coaching and training for you and your downline

4) free bitcoin training ( if new to bitcoin)

Well, just follow these rules to enjoy the above package:

1) contact me on whatsapp and type "link please" if you want to register. I will give you link of the next person in my team. If you need more information type "info"

Whatapp number +263775056855

2) sign up, make payment and get your link in 30 minutes to 1 hour.

3) inbox your link ,and your name and to me and will help you find 2 downliners and add you to our whatsapp group

4) inbox me your bit coins wallet address and I will send you your welcome bonus. Kindly testify in our whatsapp group to encourage others to join

5 once you get your 2 referrals upgrade to next level

6) search and request to join our Facebook group ( ZARFUND TEAM COLLEN)

7) Let's be friends on Facebook


LEVEL 1-2×0.03BTC($18)=0.06BTC($35)

LEVEL 2-4×0.05BTC($30)=0.2BTC($115)

LEVEL 3-8×0.1BTC($61)=0.8BTC ($460)

LEVEL 4-16×0.2BTC($122)=3.2BTC ($1841)

LEVEL 5-32×1.0BTC($610)=32BTC ($18410)

LEVEL 6-64×2.0BTC($1220)=128BTC ($73648)

I will explain using the above table,, let's look at level 1, you get a registration link from your upline and create your account in zarfund.

You have 48 hours to upgrade to level 1 by clicking the upgrade button and donate 0.03btc ($18) to your upline. After some minutes you will get your personal link so you can start referring your friends to zarfund. If 2 people join you each of them will send you 0.03btc($18) and you make 0.06btc ($36).

Level 2- immediately upgrade to level 2 by donating 0.05btc ($30) to your upline. Now stop recruiting using your link. Help your 2 down liners to get their referrals. And you will have each of your 4 team members donating 0.05btc ($30) to you making it 0.2 btc($115).

Level 3, 4 and 5 duplicate the same process. Upgrade to next level by donating the required btc and receive the same amount from each of your team members. Work with your team.

Level 6- donate 2btc($1220) to your upline and each of your 64 team members will donate the same 2 btc($1220) to you. You will make up to 128btc ($73 648).

------------------------the zarfund tricks------------------------------

1) as soon as you get your first 2 referrals stop using your link, help your down line to get their referrals, their growth is your growth

2) stick together with your upline and down line team motivate and encourage them

3) upgrade to the next level as soon as you have enough funds to do so

4) never give up, never give up, never give up!!!!!!!!


Whatsapp +263775056855 / collencashbox@gmail.com

This article was published on 24.09.2016 by Collen Chiza
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