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Best sales tactics in the WORLD

Network marketing is hard. 

It is. And whoever to tells you a different history is lying. The market conditions of everybody having this misconception about how it works automatically puts the average network marketer in an eviten disadvantage. 

In Network Marketing, there are 3 types of people:




The last one is where we want to be, but to think we will get there is a short period of time is a dream. We need to calm down a little bit and start rethinking strategies that maybe in the beginning we thought it would work. 

That is exactly why Companies will pay unlimited amounts of money to the people that can successfully develop the ability to make others see. But to see what? you would ask. To see, the benefit behind whatever is your parent company is offering. 

That's why we need to stand up for the products we are trying to sell and really be sure they are providing the intended value to people because if not, even if we are able to sell tons of volume, we are going to get tons of pissed of clients and our earnings will basically be limited to 0 or very little return, even though we are being good sales man/woman. 

Posers are thinking on how to "cheat" the process so they can get big returns and do not necessarily care about other people. 

Amateurs, understand the business a little bit better by talking to people they know or suddenly meet and try to explain the value of the business, or try to sell them products, in order to help them.

Professionals know the value of the products they are selling but see the parent company as a tool. They identify needs that could be fulfilled with one or more products they have in their power and use that information to hook up people and start building rapport. Then, they present their business opportunity . They are also growing their network all the time. To meet new people, always, is a propriety. After rapport is achieved through a basic relationship, then, they pitch a product, and then, they pitch the business opportunity. 

Everything takes practice, and I believe Network Marketing is profound as any other career in the world, focusing in human beings behavior to engineer the best sales tactics there is: Word of Mouth.

This article was published on 08.04.2016 by Rodolfo Navarro
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