Logical financial decisions vs emotional financial decisions

I first heard our financial decisions segmented this way through Dave Ramsey a long time ago.  Since then, in my own life and what I witness in other people, I have found it to be true.

We make some decisions based on logic, but we make most of our decisions with money based on emotion.  If we made every decision based on logic, none of us would be in debt to begin with.  

Our schools aren't teaching kids to drive a stake in the ground and stay out of debt.  They teach our kids to look at financing and keeping our interest rate as low as possible instead.  

So, the debt issue is perpetuated for another generation.  It's sad to me anymore.  I am trying to teach my son to stay out of debt.  I hope I can make it stick.  

We would not borrow money for vehicles.  We would realize how much we cost ourselves in the long run and we would buy older, used vehicles and continue to save toward the upgrade, and we could stair step our way into the nice vehicle we really want.

We would be paying cash the entire time for each vehicle purchase.  That's logical car buying, and I am working toward that for my next vehicle.

Now, when it comes to groceries, none of us finance our groceries that I know of, but we still spend more than we have to.  Let me explain.

Let's see if you can see the logic behind this idea vs the emotional side of it.

Regardless of what you do for a living or as a business, if you have one, you have to buy groceries each week.

You can invest $1 for an annual membership through November.  At the end of a year, you will pay $19 for the following year.  Apply that logic against other membership plans.

You can buy all American made products that are healthier and safer for your family.  That is a logical / emotional decision combined into one.

You do all your shopping online, minus milk and hamburger meat (cold stuff),  and have it delivered to your door within a few days.  What does this help you with?  You don't spend the gas money to go to the grocery store as often nor do you have to take the time.  

You can shop from the comfort of your home much more often, or from your cell phone if you need to place an order while you are thinking about it when you are not at home.

You have access to about 1900 retail stores through the marketplace inside the site.  This means that as you realize you need something, you can make the habit of looking it up on the marketplace and ordering it online.

You don't have to fight crowds and stand in a line, and in many cases you get  a better price than you would if went to the store anyway.  You also get discounts and a percentage that allows you to buy free stuff through the main shopping site.

Now, apply logic to all of that.  The gas and time savings you will have to put time into your family or other projects that need to be worked on.

Let me address skepticism and fear for a minute at this point.  There is a healthy dose of skepticism that is a good thing.  While we are using that healthy dose, we will ask questions and do a little research possibly.

There is a point that we decide that it can't be true.  We have to keep doing things the hard way that we have known all our lives.  At that point, we cost ourselves more money and more time that we need to in reality.

We hurt ourselves in the long run and don't even realize it.  

I would like you to consider what I am saying in this article.  

1.  All American made products that are healthier for you and your family

2.  Access to 1900 other retail stores that allow you to shop online without leaving your house.  

3.  This company is the manufacturer and the retailer, and is 34 years old.  It's solid.

Those are the three main points that need to be highlighted.  It's a very simple concept, and that is why the logic is so solid and strong.  The simpler the better and it's a system that has worked for 34 years now.

If you already have a business that you believe in, then I advise you to stick with it.  

I also know that you have to buy groceries each week.  Here is the part where the financial logic can't be argued.

You pay $1 for an annual membership, that goes to $19 to start the second year.  Most people can handle that.

You do not spend other money above your current grocery budget.  You take a portion of your current grocery budget and shop through a different store that you may not have tried yet.  Try it for 3 months.

If you don't like the products, you can cancel.  If you do like the products, continue to use them and save gas and time, as well as money buying American made products that are healthier.  How do I know that?

Partly because if there had been an issue with these products, wouldn't you think that it would have been brought up in a 34 year period?  They research their own products and they develop their own products.  They don't depend on others for that.  In 34 years, they have been going strong.

Whatever your current grocery budget is, it will stay the same.  You will simply try a different store for a few months and see if you like it.  Reach out to me and we can get you set up so you can try it for awhile.

I'll be happy to have you and will stay in touch to make sure you get off the ground.  By the way, customer service is outstanding.  They bend over backwards to help people every day.

Enjoy your day and talk soon.  Do this on a trial basis for a few months.  Let's see if you find the value that so many of us have found.

Scott Moore

This article was published on 12.11.2019 by Scott Moore
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