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“A MILLION DOLLARS ON THE TABLE GUARANTEED” I chuckled to myself as I imagined the thoughts of people who look at that statement. Some might get a good laugh because the mere thought of million dollars in their hands is so unthinkable that it is ridiculous. That type of mindset will probably prevent them from ever obtaining a million dollars in their lifetime. Others might be chomping at the bit, because to them it is there for the taking, it’s right there on the table after all. Many realize that it is quite possible, just not possible for them. Then you have the action takers. These are people who when they see something, they believe they can have; they go for it. They take action. “A MILLIONS DOLLARS ON THE TABLE GUARANTEED” to them is like a waving a red flag in front of a bull. I have to say for myself, if I had come across an ad that read “A MILLON DOLLARS ON THE TABLE GUARANTEED” I would have been very curious; I would have investigated it and definitely would have jump on it, A million dollars is good money, it not great money, remember we live in the era of billionaires. I wish I had some way to track how many people had looked at this business announcement and did not click on it, and know their reason for not clicking it. Just the thought of somehow having a chance to get my hands on a “A MILLION DOLLARS ON THE TABLE GUARANTEED” would have me to open Pandora’s box, or go down the “yellow brick road”. Perhaps it is my mindset, how could someone refuse to even take look at “A MILLION DOLLARS ON THE TABLE GUARANTEED”. Maybe some people would think that it was a hoax; that is could not possibly be true. The only way to know whether it was true or whether it was a hoax would be to look at what was offered. One would have to look at it. One would have to click on it to know it’s value; whether it made sense, whether it was worth pursuing or getting involve with. I once read a book by a real estate millionaire, the tittle of the book was: “The Courage to Be Rich”. When a golden opportunity comes along, does one have that most necessary and vital characteristic of courage. You my friend. is the only one who can answer that!

This article was published on 06.07.2021 by Shabaka J-El
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Shabaka J-El 799134   1 year ago
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Brenda Reed What is your donor key?  1 year ago

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