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Get Your 100 Leads Per Day In 3 simple steps.

1. Pay $30 to get your system set up to collect leads on autopilot.

2. Pay $1 for 100 leads per day - 3 000 leads for $30.

3. Send emails promoting any product of your choice.

No product to promote? Don't worry. Copy-paste high converting emails and insert your link of recommended products.

Relax as commissions roll straight into your bank account. ... or get paid in Bitcoin.

These are biz opp, make money online seekers, and targeted on the wealth niche.

Imagine if minutes from now you could instantly get your first 100 leads into your autoresponder. l am talking of 90% of traffic from the USA and Canada.

l Regret It.

l only have myself to blame, because if l had grabbed this opportunity in January 2020. By now l could be having 39 000 leads in my auto-responder. Imagine copying, pasting, and sending a single email promoting a product with a $1 price tag. Even if l manage to convert 1% of the leads into sales, l would have got the $390 that l invested back.

So, what are you waiting for. Any day you delay, you are losing 100 leads. Start receiving your first 100 leads today.

Top Tier Leads Added To Your List 24/7 Like Clock Work!

100% Newbie Friendly

100% Done for your copy-paste emails

Download emails into your autoresponder if you want to.

This is the holy grail.

l know why people are not using these platforms which generates guaranteed leads.

You probably got burnt after paying $80 for 100 ''clicks''. A measly 10 to 30% of the leads opted into your well-crafted squeeze page. When you complained about the crap traffic with a low conversion rate, you were told ''your landing page sucked''.

Let's put this into perspective, to get 3 000 ''unguaranteed leads'' at 30% conversion rate it will cost you $80 X 100 = $800. Yet, on this platform, you just pay $30 and 100 leads per day are guaranteed. You are getting leads with real names, email addresses, IP addresses, and the origins of each lead is stated.

l know what you are thinking? Why not buy leads for $1 per 100 then sell 100 clicks for $80? Of course, you can. It's your traffic.

This guaranteed lead generation platform breaks barriers and allows newbies to own a list in seconds.


1. High converting email swipes.

2. 100 more leads per day to make it 200 per day if someone grabs this opportunity through you.

3. A Facebook support group where you can get tips and tricks.

4. Built-In Autoresponder

Building a list is a short cut to success. Money is always in the list!

You may ask;

Are the leads unlimited? The answer is a big NO! There can only be a percentage of people interested in MMO opportunities at any given time. That's why this is only available for a limited period.

Grab your first 100 leads for $1 per pay by clicking on this link; Give Me My Leads.

This article was published on 29.01.2021 by Upenyu Chaurura
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MLGS - 100 Leads Per Day, 60 USD to join

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