Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Do you remember the story The Tortoise and the Hare? For those who may not be familiar with those words let's call it the Turtle and the Jackrabbit. It is a classic tale about a turtle and a rabbit and a race between them. The original was a fable written by a famous author and poet name Aesop. Here's how it goes-

The Tortoise and the Hare -an Aesop Fable  

One day the Jackrabbit was feeling especially cocky and began bragging about all his skills. He was the best and the fastest runner there ever was and no one could ever beat him even if he taught them how to run just like him. 

Well, the Turtle said right away, " I don't think I like your tone rabbit" 

"What did you say pokey?" the rabbit bullied sarcastically. 
Stretching out his long neck right at the rabbit the turtle replied, "I can beat you." 

That was enough to make the rabbit fall to the ground and just about die laughing.

"What a joke! Serious snail bait?" 

The turtle smiled with a sly grin and nodded his head. The rabbit fell down again, busting a gut and carrying on so loudly that it attracted the other forest animals. It intrigued them so much that the forest animals began to make wagers among themselves about who was going to win. Then the other animals gathered together and everyone agreed that the race was on. Of course there was no competition. Soon the course was plotted from start to finish and the day was set.

On the big day the rabbit showed up on his own big stage boasting and bragging again as he danced around with an air of confidence, showing off his fancy runners and his flamboyant costume. But the turtle kept his cool and said not a word. He only looked at the rabbit with his sly smile and nodded respectfully.

The gun shot off and before the turtle could even blink, the rabbit was already gone, and a whole mile was already between them. He knew many shortcuts and had no problem cheating his way to the finish, because he said to himself- I am so fast that no one will even know that I am cheating, besides that will give me more time to have fun. The turtle began his journey to the finish line without a miss in his step. Slowly he trudged on, one good step in front of the other and he didn't stop, and he did not give up. He stuck to the course.

"Man that fool is so slow it will be ten years from now before he ever reaches me!" the rabbit bragged and snickered. He saw a nice shady tree about a mile away from the finish line and decided to take a siesta. He had just finished partying with his homies and had a mean hangover.

"That slug will be here in two days. Huh! Maybe even three as pokey as he is. What a joke..." He giggled as he quickly fell asleep and was out for the count in two seconds flat. Suddenly, the rabbit was awakened by the most terrifying nightmare. He dreamed that the turtle was already at the finish line and everyone was throwing him a party. This was not good, because the rabbit had bet all his money on himself with the forest bookies. It would mean the end for him if he lost the race. That was enough to sober him up faster than he could run.

He shot off toward the finish line like a bolt of lightning and made it to the winners circle victorious. He danced and celebrated his own glory with great zeal when suddenly he noticed, he was all alone.

"I'm so fast that I beat everyone here!" he shouted. Then his gut turned to mush when he heard the voice of his challenger speak behind him. It was the turtle sitting happily on a rock and smiling that grin that he couldn't stand.

"What took you so long?" The Turtle replied. The rabbit's worst fears came true as all the forest animals came out of their hiding places cheering and celebrating with great joy. They lifted up the turtle on their shoulders and a great feast began. - Slow And Steady Wins The Race


We all have a story about our failures and successes. In the Internet Marketing World however the Jackrabbits are the gurus. Man how they boast and brag don't they? They tell you this and they boast about how fast they can run and make it to the million dollar finish line and how their system will make you just like them. Most of us newbies are the turtles. Unfortunately, many turtles give up before they reach the finish line and they don't stick to the course. What happens? The Rabbit wakes up from his nap and beats you to the finish line again to collect his fortune. But what is different about this turtle in our story. Notice that He never stopped, but took one good step after another, and he never gave up. " See it?

That my friends is the Key to true riches. Especially in Network Marketing. Sure the gurus can collect all the suckers real fast with their psychological keywords and sales videos that pull on your desires and emotions. But Most of those turtles give up and get lost in the refunds. However, the wise turtle who never gives up and never stops going forward toward the finish line , even if it is slow and steady, taking one good step after another will be the bigger winner in the end and richer too. How? Let's face the facts my friends. People are just plain tired of getting ripped off scammed, cheated, and lied to. Eventually, when A Real Company, with A Real Consumable Physical Product that can bring real healing into your body, and with a Guaranteed Unique Patented Compensation Plan that pays you everyday and rewards you equally as it does other members according to their hard earned slow and steady efforts comes along, the people are going to jump on the momentum and ride the wave to the finish line with great victory.

The guru models ad pyramid funnel systems are crumbling all around us everyday. A new era of integrity and revolutionary technology has begun! Wouldn't you like to be a part of something that will be around for a lifetime and bring you lifetime REAL residual income bonuses and company profit share for life? Those who believe and invest in one another- as the forest animals who gathered together to map out the course together- [This is team-work or team building]- Those who become a product of this Legendary Product projected to become a household staple like the microwave oven in the next 10 years or less- will be the next generation of compassionate billionaires spreading the love and truly making the world a better place. The only ones who get rich quick overnight are already rich friends. Stop making them richer with your hard earned money and start building your own legacy with a trustworthy company 42 years old with a solid award winning reputation, and a product you can truly believe in because it will change your life- the way it is changing mine. May God bless you with belief in yourself and real abundant life you can see and use to touch others and show them the way.


Michael J Rouleau Jr 
EnagicĀ® Independent Distributor

This article was published on 03.08.2016 by Michael J Rouleau Jr
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