Why Now is the Right Time to Travel

Hello fellow Travelpreneurs,

How many of you love to travel?

I love to travel...who else is saying yes to travel??

A few years back we started our travel adventures, heading down to our local travel agent not knowing exactly where we wanted to go all we had in mind was travelling overseas and staying in a luxury 5 star resort and be totally pampered.

Giving all these details to our friendly travel agent we were told many fabulous tales, given all sorts of brochures and sent on our merry way. Totally pumped we headed home eager to look at all the amazing holiday destinations and then deciding on where we wanted to go. Oh how amazing!!!

Well our first destination was Bali and I must admit we love Bali but out accommodation wasn't the 5 star luxury resort in the brochure and we definitely had some other hiccups along the way.  Anyone else had a not so pleasant holiday experience?? 

 So we decided to in the future make our own travel arrangements. This has worked out ok but it is very time consuming... 

Along come World Ventures and Dream Trips, two amazing businesses under the one business banner OMG this is just what we have been looking for.... Awesome!!! 

 All the work done for us all we have to do is choose which holiday to go on and these entire amazing extras are included.. totally mind blowing... 

Here are the facts:

  1. World ventures is not about buying or selling to people 
  2. It's about taking and sharing your amazing holiday adventures 
  3. It is a travel club/community 
  4. Optional business component 
It reminds me of Facebook just as you share amazing things happening in your life on Facebook, World Ventures and Dream Trips is the same... You share those amazing destinations as well, so no selling just sharing. 

The business component is optional. 

 Aren't you doing that all ready when you share your happy travel snaps on social media with family, friends and business colleagues so why not get paid for it at the same time... 

A definite no brainer to me... 

Become a World Ventures/Dream Trips member and begin your adventure today! 

It's the ultimate travel club community--travel anytime, anywhere. You'll experience customized travel opportunities and valuable deals at fine restaurants, energized clubs and exquisite hotels. 

Want to know more... 

Check out here:    http://jeanettelifestyle.worldventures.biz/ 


Email;                 travelfurtherspendless@gmail.com 

Love to welcome you on board, 

Happy travels 

Jeanette Nugent 


This article was published on 21.05.2016 by Jeanette Nugent
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