Is Network Marketing right for you?

Hi. My name is Robert. Over the last 20+ years I have been involved with many network marketing  

companies.  Although their products, services and compensation structure may be different, their  

marketing approach is very similar.  Here is a breakdown on how network marketing companies work  

and what kind of role MLM Recruit on Demand can play in helping you grow your Network 

Marketing business. 

First, the marketing strategy of a traditional Network Marketing Company would involve prospects. 

We can all agree that without prospects (sometimes called leads), you would not have a business.  

How would you get these prospects?

A traditional network marketing approach that has been practiced for many years would involve you 

making a list of your Friends, families, neighbors, co workers, etc.  Using this list, with the help 

of your sponsor (sometimes called up line) you would create an approach that works  for you to convince 

the people on your list that what you have to offer would help them have a better lifestyle. The big 

selling point on network marketing is the instability of the job market.  Let's face it, if you truly believe that  

your job is going to be there for you, next week, next month, or even next year, then you would not be 

signed up here at MLMgateway or reading this article right now. 

Network Marketing's focal point is building relationships with other people as opposed to a 

retail establishment like Walmart and Costco for example, where their focal point is you building 

a relationship with their product or brand.   

For example, one of the more popular companies promoted here on MLM Gateway is MCA.  Each 

person that sells MCA is different but the product itself is the same.   So for a person to be 

successful in MCA, they have to find a way to make themselves (NOT the product) stand out from others. 

Now getting back to the point of getting prospects to take a look at your business opportunity, I have 

found that the best approach is to put yourself in their shoes.  You cannot take a one size fits all approach. 

 As an example, for myself I like to address every person that I contact either through MLM 

Gateway, email, or any other marketing site by name.   I try to address my emails or messages here 

in a matter of focusing on how I can help them. 

Full disclosure: In my experience I have found prospecting to be very intimidating and 

here's why.  Traditionally though Network Marketing, to share your product and business opportunity 

with someone would involve a 3rd party (like your up line for example) and inviting them to a meeting that 

someone else is hosting and/or doing the presentation of your business opportunity. 

I feel that in my personal experience that this steers the focus away from building a personal 

relationship with your prospect. 

Enter MLM Recruit on Demand. It's a system that is founded and Created by Ryan Gunness. 

 What I really love about this system is that it brings back the emphasis on the importance of building 

a relationship with your prospect BEFORE trying to sell them on your product or business opportunity.   

Here is an overview of what MLM Recruit on Demand offers:

You get 100 leads to start with an opportunity for unlimited new leads after that. The leads you get have 

their names, email  addresses, phone numbers and s with video tutorials from Ryan on how to 

contact them.  You also get a built in contact  manager to help organize in following up with your leads, an  

auto responder to help send customized email messages to your leads, done for you lead capture 

pages, your own customized  website with a place to promote your business link and a way  to even 

monetize MLM Recruit on Demand if you choose to do so. 

You get all of these services for a one time cost of $15.

Is it worth it and Does it work?

You don't have to take my word for it. Click on this link 

and hear what others have to say about how MLM Recruit on Demand has helped them grow their business. 

So in closing, what you do next is up to you. You can go out and prospect to people you work with, hang 

out with, people you meet  while shopping, at the Post Office, etc. OR You can do your prospecting from 

the comfort of your own home with your computer and your telephone.  No up line or meetings 

required.   Keeping the focus on building a personal relationship with your prospect and making a 

friend along the way.  Hope this helps 

Wishing you all the best in your future Networking success,

Robert McKnight

This article was published on 09.08.2017 by Robert Mcknight
Author's business opportunity:

mlmrecruit on demand - marketing leads, 15 USD to join

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Terry Bailes Nice article! Best to you!  3 years ago
Jaye Carden Awesome system Robert! I have been a member for a while with MLMROD and am enjoying it very much. Would love to hear how you are doing with it and share ideas with you on it.  3 years ago

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