Cash flow from company Academy of rich dad Robert Kiyosaki

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Advantage marketing plan and recruiting system "cash flow" from company "Academy of rich dad Robert Kiyosaki" 

1) INSTANT payouts. Receive payments on the account yourself at least every minute, at least every second! You already today can earn and get their first $ 100. Act! As soon as your partner paid for your package you will immediately receive your reward. You can order the map Yandex money and immediately withdraw cash in ATMs! Map Yandex money or MasterCard you can order directly at the Academy. 

2) Your partners will pay their packages every month, this means you will receive monthly passive income! 

3) You'll get with any width and any depth of 65% from the payment of all your partners. Most companies pay only 5-10% of your partners. And usually only up to level 7.

4) Is available for all entry into the business, with packages in 1000 rubles, 4000 rubles, 14000 rubles, rubles and 29000 44000 rubles. The best option is to immediately begin business with 44000 rubles. 

5) Finished business CASH FLOW system (active), which will increase your earnings automatically. Using this system any Cub Scout not having business experience can register your team by 50 or more people a day, and business system itself educates and motivates your associates. To you to sign 50 people a day go through training at our Academy. 99% network companies do not have such technology, and you have and many other tweaks and innovations for you and for your well-being. 

We invite new partners, click on the following link: Cash flow!

Main time that you need to know in this marketing is something that you have every month should be closed. Closed qualification means that you have every month should be the first line at least two you personally invited partner paid. One man must stand in the "execution" qualification and minimum one person must stand in the "personal partners" (see screenshot below). Closure (2 person) must be done on each package on which you work. 

If you have a qualification is not closed-bottom play pass by you. In this case, play go parent mentors have closed qualification.

Implementation skills in our company is very simple for half a day, because with our invite 2 man is very simple. Recommendation. That you have never had a problem with qualifications in the first line on invite 20 new partners in a week. Then you always will be 2 minimum paid partner in the first line.

Let's start creating assets together:

Invest participation here - register!

This article was published on 08.08.2016 by Sergey Nesterov
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