130 Signups In Just 17 Days, Into My MLM Business

Yes you read that correctly, 130 people have joined my MLM team in my business.

It's only been 17 days, and that is where it stands right now. Perhaps I can break 200 this month alone which is double what it was a few months ago hitting a little over 100 in one month.

How am I doing this?

Well, it's not ALL ME, but others to. I've got many of my own signups, but I've got so many team members that 130 new affiliates have come in since 6-1-18.

How I'm Doing This

Massive action.

In everything I do, I focus on getting more and more people to look at my opportunity.

This is my list of actions that are being taken:

  • Classifieds - Placing new craigslist paid ads about 2 to 3 a week. Plus another classified source I place unlimited ads on for $10 a month. Craigslist brings many new leads, which many are also worthless.
  • Solo Ads - A weekly solo ad is scheduled each week, and a monthly campaign as well. Weekly ads rake in about 30+ leads a week, and the monthly gets around 50-60 in one day. Total of around 180-200 leads monthly.
  • Article Marketing - Writing business announcements here everyday almost, and other places as well, I see leads come in. Only a few will come from this source but the conversion rate is one of the highest.
  • Blogging - Many of you know I've had my own blog for a long time. Putting up new posts and promoting it with several tools and resources helps to rake in new leads, and signups. Also great for extra commissions on affiliate products.
  • Video Marketing - Creating new videos almost daily. I just signed up a new affiliate last week from a video review I published 2 weeks ago.
  • Ads - Running ads on MLM Gateway have been great! 2 new affiliates joined my MLM team last week from the ads I ran here. So I am a featured member and I keep ads going as much as I can.
  • Social Media - This is a weak source, but it does pull some. I plan to really push this source as it can become so much more if I do.
  • Webinars - I host my own webinars from time to time because they are great for affiliate commissions and getting leads.
  • MLM Recruit On Demand - Lately I haven't used this source from the amount of leads I'm getting. But if you want quick results and instant prospects to talk to about your business, this is the ticket. Free leads for life.
  • MLMROD Incentives - Releasing this source this week. I have the ability to give away unlimited $50 visa gift cards in exchange for watching my business presentation. Will see how this source will turn out very soon.
  • Beacons - Having the ability to send a message to every smart phone within 200 meters of my beacon. Will be setting them out this week to promote the $50 gift cards and generate new leads. Will know the results soon.

More To Come

It may seem like these resources are a lot, and they are more than most people.

But there is still time to add more and time to call more leads.

When you plan on going big, you gotta do as much as you possibly can!

So I plan to add steady daily social media campaigns very soon to the list.

Starting with Facebook, Twitter and possibly adding Youtube as well.

Then, I will also be adding live broadcasts on Social media like Facebook lives, and boosting them if all possible.

Want A Lot Of Spill Over?

In my business, all this momentum can be yours too.

Can you imagine how good it would feel when someone asks you "how many people signed up in your team last month" being silly...

and you say "Had 10 new affiliates join me" - imagine the look on their face.

Now this is possible when all these new affiliates are coming in, you get a portion of them under you.

All you got to do....


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This article was published on 18.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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