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It's unfortunate in this day of apparent abundance, 49% of Americans have NO savings!

How can people save when 100% of their income is committed to survival. Simple answer . . . they can't.

Solution: spend less . . . earn more.

If as a concerned fellow human being, you're troubled by this, there is a path for you to help.

With the ever decreasing purchasing power of the paper currency, saving is impossible without increasing the income. That will not happen with a job . . . someone else controls how much you earn.

I can show you a proven system where it is possible to easily show people how to increase their incomes and savings and at the same time create unbelievable wealth for you by simply sharing what every person on earth wants.

The challenge to help those less fortunate is HUGE. But getting started couldn't be easier.

Complete Training. Affiliates are sharing not only a product but a complete financial ecosystem. Training is hands-on with your sponsor as he/she works with you and your team and their team. In other words, 3 levels deep. Millions of dollars are being paid to Affiliates who are following our "Hands-on Training System" and helping solve a major societal and economic problem at the same time.!

Without a great Company and Product, NO system will succeed . . . we have both.

Are you the type of person who feels strongly about helping people?

If you think the dollar isn't in trouble, check this out. In 1971 when Nixon untied the dollar from gold, the dollar to gold ratio was 35 USD to 1 oz of gold; Today that ratio is 4,827 USD to 1 oz of gold. That my friends are a 13,950% increase in the money supply. The US economy is elastic, but like every rubber band can be stretched to the breaking point, so too can an economy, and what's scary, the breaking point of the rubber band or an economy gives no advance warning.


Nobody knows how things will play out in the end, but the fact that this system has been running for almost 50 years now, and that historically FIAT CURRENCY systems have a 100% failure rate and that bigger and bigger imbalances are being created are factors definitely worth considering. All prudent people are busy taking the necessary steps to ensure their wealth, no matter how modest, from the inevitable. Unlike typical insurance policies where premiums must be paid in order to keep the policy in force, financial insurance involves no premiums, merely an exchange of fiat currency to real money which, by the way, actually increases in value. Talk about a win-win.

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This article was published on 10.06.2019 by David Williams
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