FutureNET Multimedia Networking Offers Different Platforms To Generate Income

    You are active on a SOCIAL MEDIA platform; But you don‘t earn ANY MONEY?! You refer new users for your SOCIAL MEDIA platform; But you don‘t earn ANY MONEY?!! You watch ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT clips; But you don‘t earn ANY MONEY?!!.

    At FutureNet Club you just start to do what you usually do on other social media platforms. With the simple difference that FutureNet pay you for that! Without the necessity to invest own money Via the Social Media Bonus, FutureNet Club distributes the major part of its advertising revenues among its members. Become a part of this success opportunity to make money online without any monthly costs. Registration is free:


     FutureNET Multimedia Networking offers a number of different platforms to generate cash-flow from, including a Multimedia Video platform, an AdPack type RevShare platform and a Social Networking platform. This Social Networking platform combines the very best features of Facebook with a friends-tree matrix rewards system. It works like Facebook, with a similar interface and a mobile app, but with the difference of paying you for being active on the platform, by making connections (friends), messaging, posting, liking, sharing and even for just logging in and checking your status - everything that we are used to doing on Facebook today in anyway, but now get rewarded handsomely for doing it!.

Make money online with the FutureNet Club friends bonus:

If your sponsor for instance has already 3 partners in his 1st level and YOU are one of them, the following scenario is possible: your sponsor gains more members and they will be placed in the 2nd level – this means above YOU!!! Thus, you have received one or several sales partners as a „gift“. With immediate effect, you start to earn from their revenues according to the marketing plan.  However, more important is the fact that you have one or several sales partners in your upline. If they actively start to develop their business, this will generate revenues in your Friends Tree. You will earn from these revenues in the same way, as if they had been generated by your own partners. This feature makes the Friends Tree System of Futurenet very attractive. It makes much more sense to be active and convince as many partners as possible to join the business.  

You receive the following remunerations:

Level 1 above you 5%

Level 2 above you 5%

Level 3 above you 10%

Level 4 above you 10%

Level 5 above you 15%

The Friends Bonus alone offers you already gigantic income opportunities.

As we mentioned already several times, at Futurenet Club you need to invest only ONCE. Despite that, you develop a permanent passive income based on recurring revenues. How does that work? You will find the answer together with a description of the New Position Bonus below.  One of the most brilliant opportunities of the network marketing industry is passive income based on permanent revenues. However, usually permanent revenues are linked to the obligation for sales partners, to invest repeatedly. In reality, in the majority of companies on the market you are charged with monthly payment obligations. And this is exactly why any people decide to refrain from joining the business.  

The main reason for people in various companies to lose interest and drop out is that they are not ready to invest their own money every month. We at Futurenet have developed a fantastic solution. Never again will you need to invest money from your own pocket. But despite of that, you and particularly your sales

On the one hand, you generate revenues from a very small part of your income. And on the other hand, you make money from the New Position Bonus. Here comes the explanation of how you and any of your partners can transform a small part of your income into new revenues and new positions in the worldwide Friends Tree. Your first income in the levels 3, 4 and 5 above you, will be invested into new revenues and new positions each.   

Let’s have a look at a concrete example for the 100$ Friends Tree:

Once you have earned the first 100$ in the levels 3-5, this money will be invested into a new position for you. Furthermore, every Friends Tree offers you the opportunity to get 3 new positions FOR FREE!  Have a look at the explanation of the NEW POSITION BONUS. ALL new positions grant the following advantages: 

- Every new position brings new Media Points

- Your new position is placed at the lowest free spot within the global Friends Tree – the most attractive place

- New positions open up new income opportunities


Since the systems works identically for all sales partners, you will certainly obtain sales partners within your Friends Tree who were not sponsored by you or one of your sales partners! You might have been sponsored by an international network marketing super star. Now, you are part of his team and his Friends Tree. Nevertheless, this very same super star might be part of your team in a future Friends Tree. And then you will earn money from his revenues. With every new Friends Tree, your income opportunities grow.  The same rule applies to all of your sales partners. On the following pages, you will learn about the 100% Matching Bonus. You will see how you can gain multiple profits from the new positions. 

100% Matching bonus:

The most brilliant invention since the invention of network marketing itself: the 100% Matching Bonus.  Network marketing is about supporting others to become successful. The reward for this support is the income, which you earn thanks to the revenues of others. With the Matching Bonus, Futurenet offers you the ultimate reward for your support of your partners to make them successful and earn money. The Matching Bonus brings you between 20% and 100% based on the revenues that your personal partners earn from the Friends Bonus. 

If you have just one personal partner who earns money from the Friends Bonus, you get 20 % of this sum. Let’s assume your personal partner makes just 200$ from the Friends Bonus this week. You get 20%, therefore you earn 40$ Matching Bonus – in addition to your own Friends Bonus.  20% are a good start, but we would like to help you to obtain more Matching Bonus income. 

  If you sponsor 3 personal partners, you double your Matching Bonus. Let’s have a look at another example. You have 3 personal partners. This week, each of them earns 200 $ from the Friends Bonus. Altogether, we they earn 600$. Your Matching Bonus amounts to 40%, which makes already 240$. Not too bad – if we calculate your income for a whole month, we are talking about 960$, just from your Matching Bonus.  What you need are 8 personal partners. 100% Matching Bonus is a more than profitable deal. Let’s use the same example here:  You have 8 personal partners. Each of them earns just 200$ from the Friends Bonus, altogether, this makes an income of 1,600$ and this means 1,600$ Matching Bonus for you! Come on, calculate what this means for a full month: the result is 6,400$ Matching Bonus for you!! In this example, we have assumed an income of 800$ of your partners. 

  However, the Futurenet system offers much bigger income opportunities  to you and your partners than just 800$ per month. Please calculate on your own what happens, if you and your partners will be active in the 500$ and 1,000 $ marketing plans. Needless to say that the generated income will be much higher. Go and calculate what happens, if you will work hard and develop your organization. At some point “X” in a few months or years, you will have 10, 20, 50 or even more personal partners. Calculate your Bonus for the case that these partners earn money in each of the 6 marketing plans in several Friends Trees. You get 100% Matching Bonus in each case!!! This is worth to start with full speed and attract more and more personal partners. 

Unilevel bonus :

Modern marketing plans combine several bonus systems. Apart from the Friends Bonus and the Matching Bonus, we have prepared another highlight for you: the UNILEVEL BONUS. Depending on your qualification, you will receive income from the 6th up to the 10th level.  Unlike in case of the Friends Bonus, the Unilevel Bonus depends on the partners, which emerge in your levels 6-10 due to the natural structuring process. What does that mean? As simply as that – the number of people to be placed in the first level of your Friends Tree is restricted to 3. Thus, you will have personal partners who are placed in the levels 2 or 3 even higher above you in the Friends Tree. If it comes to the UNILEVEL BONUS, it doesn’t matter where a partner is placed in the Friends Tree. For the purpose of the bonus, all your personally sponsored partners are placed in your first level. If you have 5, 10, 20 or more personal partners, ALL of them will be placed in your first level. 

People, who will be later sponsored by your personal partners, are placed in level 2 and so on. Upon developing your organization, you will see that the number of partner quite quickly duplicates up to the levels 6-10 above you. The revenues of these people generate your Unilevel Bonus income. Your qualification for the Unilevel Bonus depends on the number of personal partners, whom you have sponsored in your respective marketing plan (10 – 1,000 $).

    FutureNet is the future of Social Networking, and I am very delighted to be a part of it and would highly recommend it to you!!

This article was published on 15.07.2016 by Mourad Meskini
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