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5 Pillars of Marketing Success To Earn Bigly

There are those who believe that if product(s) is good, any marketing will do to promote; then there are those who believe that it does not matter what the product is, powerful marketing can yield good results.  The battle can go on. 

What is certain is that as an entrepreneur, you will need to have strategic marketing system so that you can promote any product or company.  You need not go any further.  Amazon is a good example.  Once your product is on Amazon Platform, it is possible for your product to fare well.  That is because Amazon has huge clientele visiting the Amazon website.

Marketing is defined by five pillars- product, price, place, promotion, and people (consumer). To be successful, you as promoter are expected to make steps to ensure that each of these pillars works together.

Product (service) needs to meet customer’s needs as well as meet customer’s expectations regarding quality and value.  Smart phone is a good example as it meets customer’s need for easy access as well as satisfy quality and value with availability of a broad range of technology.

“Discover The 5 Pillars Of Marketing Success.”

Price is the most crucial for marketing. The difficulty for pricing lies because it has nothing to with production costs but whether consumer will buy the product at the given price.  However, when the consumer needs are paramount, the price is not an issue.  For example, consumer is in pain, the less the consumer is concerned of the price.

Place refers to physical location; however, today it refers accessibility. That means customer needs to access your product (service) via website which enables the customer to buy your product with ease.

Promotion normally refers to advertising.  The purpose being informing consumers about the availability of products (services).  However, thanks to internet and social media, promotion no longer means just informing the consumers but to ensure you are the best source to get the product (service).  For example, you need to add few testimonials from your customers.

People- Any product (service) has many people are involved, especially in-service organizations.  The actions of the people involved become a critical part of marketing.

Thanks to internet, it is getting lot easier for people get into business to earn money.  It may be easier to get into business, but making money online is not easy.  Simply because, even online business requires systematic marketing.

“Discover The 5 Pillars Of Marketing Success.”

If you are online entrepreneur, you have a website that is not necessarily your own unique site.   You post on social networking sites infrequently.  You occasionally send email to your email list if you have a list.  You are not getting results because you do not have uniform marketing system.  It is essential to set up marketing system which is likely to evolve.  You may be earning some money, but you are not likely generating regular flow of income.

You need to pursue focused marketing.  What you are pursuing is known as random marketing.  Random marketing is all over the place.  You accomplish keeping your face, name, and message in front of your potential clients, but your results are far from success.  If you are serious, you may want to begin focus marketing.  You can begin your focus marketing by taking a masterclass, “Discover The 5 Pillars Of Marketing Success.”

This article was published on 31.08.2020 by Prakash Kunjeer
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