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The Sweet Smell Of Endless $100 Bills!

It has never happened to me before! And I don't know how to act!

When I woke up this morning there was a person waiting for me to come online at face.

The person had $147 in his hand. It was easy. Watch the video and just said where I pay?

About 4 o'clock in the afternoon another person watch the video, and after the video, I ask him what you like about it the most? They said the money of course. And they signed right up!

So hard days work over sitting around watching TV when the phone rings and it's a man from New York,

asking me questions about legends the IP network.

I answered all of his questions and he will be calling me in the morning to pay the $147!

this kind of success is a little scary, but I better get used to, because this is only the beginning!

Hundreds of people, let me say hundreds of thousands of people, are paying over $100 every month for their Internet.

They are so happy to hear they can get more channels for less!

And are very willing to pay the sign-up fee of $147 because they know the next bill will only be $19.95,

from then on. For the better service in HD quality!

That is the Channelside of the business, these people are interested only in the channels they don't really want to work it is a business so their family and friends they just might send to you!

Then comes the business side, anyone that's in Internet marketing knows he can see the money!

It is such an extraordinary company that people when you show it to them, get upset with you because they work for the last three years to build a company with products that no one wants to buy. I know because I have health products business! I have to convince them that they need it then I have to convince them to keep taking it I have to teach them and train them!

I don't mind it helping people is my wife's call!

Finally, I found something that can really really help! I mean it in the last month I've sold $16 worth of health good products! But in the last eight days have made $400 cash with legends BIP's network!

All these guys that have struggled so hard trying to make money this industry are picking this up and running with it! And becoming very successful overnight!

There is nothing that makes Val Smith happier than someone being coming successful legends BIP network!

And is there 24 seven to help us in every way become successful wonderful training in the back office!

All we have to do this invite people to the zones on Tuesdays and Thursday nights!

Let Bell Smith do the talking and the closing has a mere hundred percent closing rate so why not use it!

He's big and help us, because that's his calling he doesn't need to help us doesn't need the money, there's just this special feeling that you get when you know that you've helped someone really helped the more than money could buy! The more you give the more you get it's the law of the universe!

Join us today, be a rich Hero by noon!

Coach James

This article was published on 05.03.2019 by James Seal
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Dawn Hay Oh my the smell of success its great isn't it enjoy every moment you deserve it sweetie   4 years ago

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