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Can a $1 Per Month Affiliate Program Really Pay You Thousands – YES!!!

If you have seen many affiliate programs, more than a few of them probably priced perspective marketers out of joining. The up-front costs and sometimes recurring costs are just not in the budget for some people. 1 Dollar Roger was conceived, designed, and implemented to address that issue.

Like many of us, the creator of 1 Dollar Roger (his name really is Roger) used to jump around from shiny object to shiny object in search of online success. He realized that there had to be a better way so he developed the system which became 1 Dollar Roger. You can check it out here:

His inspiration came during a visit to a doctor’s office while perusing a nearly-year-old magazine. It wasn’t an Internet marketing magazine or a business magazine or even a health magazine. It was a golf magazine of all things. The theme of the article was this:

If you help people get what they want in life you’ll be able to get what you want

With that thought to guide him, Roger wrote down everything he hated about Internet marketing and set out to design a program that eliminated those characteristics. In a nutshell, these are the seven guiding principles which led to 1 Dollar Roger. Those principles have great appeal to many people. They are:

1. A low-cost barrier to entry (you can’t get much lower than $1)

2. A system which actually pays people to support and build their downlines

3. A system where you work once and earn residual income for a long time if not for life

4. A system that actually promotes products FOR the affiliate

5. As affiliates grow, the system needed to provide other products to market

6. The system needed to have a support system which is actually responsive to affiliate needs

7. A system that is specifically designed to reduce member dropout to nil while encouraging teamwork

Roger’s ideas and some effort produced 1 Dollar Roger in a short time and he has been “tweaking” the system and making it even more affiliate-friendly since it initially came online.

WHEN you join 1 Dollar Roger (why wouldn’t you at this point) I want you to keep one number in mind. That number is 39.

You see, if you refer three and you teach those three to refer three and your team duplicates you and teaches those nine to refer three you have your 39 (3 + 9 + 27 = 39). 39 paying members will fill your 3 x 6 compensation matrix.

At that point, guess what?

Your team will be self-sustaining and your team members will begin growing at an increased rate – 81 members total and then 243 and finally 729 and – BOO-YA – you will be earning over $7000 a month.

Oh, and I wrote “finally” a little prematurely as your 1 Dollar Roger business will continue to grow.

Don’t waste any time. Join 1 Dollar Roger today (

This article was published on 02.07.2021 by William Wilson
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1 Dollar Roger - Online Business Deve, 1 USD to join

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Pete Ade Thanks for this great enlightenment. Great Opportunity. If 1 million people sent you each just $1, you would instantly become a millionaire. That is the Power of $1,   1 year ago

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