I am really excited to introduce a global online Telecoms business which leverages on affiliates and rewards them massively.  The name of the company is PIUNI- the company was founded by top leaders with several years of combined experience in diverse company and multidimensional abilities in building successful organizations around the world. The company is in 140 countires and we are still growing. PIUNI creates a platform whereby daily life activities can be simplified and transformed into a life changing business. We create possibilities around every individual with our value transfer services and cutting edge products with a VISION to become the world's leading company creating innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Welcome to the world of PIUNI. We create possibilities where others don't believe could ever exist! Imagine a world...

- Where everyone around you are potential Customers, Clients and Business Associates.

- Where everything around you (phone, cars, contacts and calendars) are converted to business tools.

Everywhere you find yourself becomes a marketplace……This is what PIUNI is… A life- transforming Business.

Furthermore, have you ever thought of owning a business or having residual income?

- Ever tried a home based business opportunity?

- Ever thought that it would be great if you could find one opportunity with the right products or services as the vehicle for you to power your dream?

- Ever wished you could come across a legitimate business opportunity that could change your life forever?

If your answer is YES to at least three of these questions, then be happy because you have finally arrived.

The opportunity you have been waiting for is finally here:

- Piuni offers products or services that people will continue to buy even if there was no money.

- Piuni is attracting the big players in the social networking industry and offers an opportunity to the new guys to earn extra daily income by just working part time

- Piuni has the ability to uniquely position you ! 

Piuni Products and Services

1. Worldwide bill payment for mobile, internet, TV/Music, electricity, water, gas/fuel, transportation, education, insurance.

2. U- top- up (universal mobile top-up/Value transfer services) - Top up mobile phones worldwide and pay Bills for hundreds of services. Credit value that works in all phones, 600 carriers in 140 countries. Our system was built for people in diaspora to send credit home. We leverage on 6 billion people (phones). NB: there 9 companies in the universal mobile top-up industry but PIUNI is the only one using Multilevel marketing.

3. U-SIM (hardware) - One sim having two or more network that can link with 3 lines (U.K lines, U.S lines and local lines.)

4. U-CARD - Scratch card for top up that you can purchase for all network

5. U-PAY and U-ACCEPT--  A Payment solution

6. U-CHAT - Social platform just like Watsapp but has more function for free calls, video calls, conference call like Skype, can send and receive money also once you have it.

7. In-Kind - Value Transfer Service for humanitarian support.

The 3 most important things about joining PIUNI are:

1. The Products and Services: Piuni has the best in terms of global use. Our products and services are what everyone uses rich, poor, young, old, sick, healthy, etc. It is arguably more patronized than food these days.

2. Compensation Plans: Piuni appeals to all with the freedom to decide how far and fast you want to be wealthy.

* No Auto Ship

* No Earnings Flushing

* No Mandatory Sales of products

* No Mandatory Recruitment

*No Demotion is attained Ranks

* No Renewal of Membership

* No Movement of Goods across countries

* Earning across business borders.

* One platform for all payment needs for yourself and your customers

* And many more...

3. Business Entry Timing: You are entering a global business that has come to stay. It is a business you will hand over to your generation. Best part, you are among the first to hear about it and the potential is incredible. Be among the first to join in your country and have thousands work for you!

Piuni is still at its Pre-launch stage. The global launch will happen in November 2016 in Dubai.You can take your position now or wait until BBC/CNN breaks the news to the world!

Piuni is already sweeping the business world right  and why not take your position now. Remember, Positioning is everything.

Piuni has 3 players in the business:

1. Affiliates

2. Agents

3. Customers

Piuni is currently recruiting for affiliates and below are what it takes. There are 2 Packs for Piuni Affiliates

1. Pro Pack costs $140

2. Premium Pack costs $540

*You can begin with Pro pack and upgrade within 60 days if you so wish.

On successful registration, Piuni will automatically provide you with your full affiliate portal to begin your global business immediately.

Your Affiliate portal will come with 10 free test vouchers worth $2 each. These you can use for yourself, sell or use it to prospect for your team members. Piuni vouchers are global, it can be used to top-up any mobile phone anywhere in the world irrespective of the network provider.

Your Affiliate portal will come with $10,000 worth stock for Pro Pack or $100,000 stock for Premium Pack. You can begin selling from this stock while making 5% commission on each successful transaction. This is called Retail Bonus and it is just 1 out of the 9 independent compensations available.

Join This New Amazing Global Opportunity TODAY!!!

Check this Youtube video for further details on Piuni:

If you are interested, please  drop me an email @

See you soon on the Piuni Platform…….#Piunirocks!!!

This article was published on 26.09.2016 by Frank Ozah
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Brenda Spencer Hi you seem to be very focued and dedicated, i feel that you would be a valuable asset to my company. You can contact me on facebook for additional information Brenda Spencer  1 year ago

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