Host a FREE online party today

It's all in the title. Host a FREE online party today.

And that's what this business announcement is about.

I am looking for lovely ladies to host an online party with me (must be in New Zealand) though. And I'm pretty sure you all know what happens and how it works. And well I think it's a great opportunity to get yourself FREE product, rewards and discounts.  Also for hosting with me you get a choice of 3 products to choose from for just doing that :) So whatever the outcome, you still get something for FREE. Now how can you say no to FREE stuff. I certainly can-not :)

And this is another great chance to decide whether or not this business is the one for you. So it's not just that you'll be getting FREE stuff, but you'll also be getting a chance to have your own business. To be your own boss. To choose the hours YOU work. Hosting a party just gives you the boost of confidence in seeing if this is the right job for you. It's a FREE try before you buy. You cannot say no to that can you ? No hehe

What do you expect to happen in this party ? Well several things, first I create the event. And then add all the necessary information needed for the group and for the people to have when they join the party. So really there is nothing much that you do, other than invite those you want to the party, and just interact and join in when necessary.

So this al happens on Facebook, there is no face to face contact, there can be videos and even live videos, which makes it more real and engaging. Also games played where your friends and family have the chance to win prizes. Plus there will be information posted, just to let those who aren't quite sure what everything is about, will get w better understanding. it will be my job to ensure the party is a success. And that people are engaging and joining in. And are leaving happy and excited to come back.

It's not like it's a sale for me, it's more so involving you into the business, and making you feel like that THIS is actually your party, and all I'm doing is making sure that you are the main focus. Because it is your party, not mine, I'm just running it for you.

You don't do much I do most of the work for you to get yourself those rewards :) and the excitement that you will feel, it will be butterflies in there but for good reasons. It will be just the starting point to what will keep you that much in tune with the business in wanting to join.

So yes it may seem like it's a lot and too good to be true, but it's exactly how it's written. FREE online party to gain FREE products, rewards and discounts.

You don't need to join the business, but you can host a party and get them FREE stuff.

And I'm looking for you today to do just that :) so come on over and contact me to get his party started.

I'm excited and I know you are wanting to do this too. 

Thanks :)

This article was published on 28.07.2016 by Kellie Moekore
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