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Can you win $1 Billion??? Yes you can!

We have all probably participated in lotteries where the jackpot was approaching maybe $500 million. It’s hard to imagine winning that much money. What if it was doubled making it a $1 billion prize? Can you imagine winning a prize that big? Is there a lottery or drawing that even offers a prize that big? There is now. The folks at AVAZOO aim to be the first charity to give away $1 billion plus. You can sign up for their raffle here:

Join the AVAZOO Raffle

The AVAZOO charity will be selling 50 million tickets for their raffle worldwide. 70% of ticket revenue will be reserved for prize payouts. That will leave a healthy $3 billion to be distributed to charities worldwide.

With the tickets they plan to sell and the large number of prizes they plan to award, participants will have a 1:3 chance of winning a prize. For reference, the odds of winning a prize in the US PowerBall drawing are 1:24.87 and the odds of winning the jackpot are 1:292 million. You’re considerably more likely to win a prize in the AVAZOO charity than in the popular lottery game. Not only that, with the limited number of tickets being sold, your odds of winning the $1 billion prize are much better than winning the Powerball (1:50 million compared to 1:292 million).

I will take those odds. How about you?

As you might imagine, when AVAZOO puts the tickets on sale in the very near future, they are expected to sell out quickly. If you can afford to buy one I don’t see why you wouldn’t. SOMEONE is going to win the big prize. Why not you?

It’s important to realize that online raffles are not allowed in every country. Of particular note, they are not allowed in the United States. So, if you are a US citizen, does that mean you cannot participate in the raffle? Thankfully, you can. In fact the folks at AVAZOO have figured out a way so that everybody can participate no matter where they live.

If you go to the link you can purchase your raffle ticket or sign up as an AVAZOO AMBASSADOR. When you sign up as an AVAZOO AMBASSADOR you can EARN free raffle tickets by downloading the AVAZOO app, completing your profile, adding a picture, sharing on social media, etc. Once you accomplish those things you will qualify to receive free raffle tickets. In addition, for those who qualify, you could have AVAZOO ticket purchasers who are not referred added to your pay line.

Why is that important? Because there are 100 $1 million prizes that will also be drawn. Plus, additional significant prizes. If anyone in your pay line wins a prize, you will receive a complementary prize. The AMBASSADOR who sells the $1 billion ticket will receive a cool $1 million.

The AVAZOO charity is a good way to give some charitable organizations some significant capital to do good. Winning $1 billion or even one of the smaller amounts will be life-changing for the lucky winners. Why shouldn’t that be you? Sign up at the following link:

Join the AVAZOO Raffle

This article was published on 27.07.2021 by William Wilson
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AVAZOO - Charity, Free to join

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