Are you buried in debt, living paycheck to paycheck? Are you satisfied with the money you make? Do you even have a savings account? Did your college degree pay off? Could you even afford to go to college? if you answered "no" to any or all of these questions, you need HELP! Now is the time to create the life you've always dreamed of! I came to america 13 years ago, when i was just 16 years old, from Kharkiv, Ukraine. My father wanted the "AMERICAN DREAM" for our family. To Him that meant getting good college education for me and my brothers, finding great jobs an living comfortably with our families. Unfortunately for him, he wound up burying himself in credit card debt, a horrible mortgage and a blue-collar job that couldn't support his "dream" for us because of this i never had the chance to go to college and i ended working for 4 years as a telemarketer for a few dollar an hour. HI, my name is LaDonna Slayter, and as much as i hated being a telemarketer, its the reason for why sending this message to the whole world today. One night, i was making calls selling some horrible new product that week when i got into a conversation with a very successful trader on Wall Street named Harrison Glass, he could sense that i hated my job and started asking questions about me, i told him about how my family had moved from Ukraine hoping to find financial freedom, but only ended up with debts and horrible jobs, he was so genuinely moved by my sorry, he flew me out to new york to meet with him in person, after spending just one day with Mr Glass he offered me a job at the spot to be his apprentice, he wanted me to learn the ins and out of the stock market, wall street trading and bitcoin mining. Of course i accepted the job and the rest has been history. I've been making millions of dollars on wall street for years now thanks to the most helpful and generous man i've ever known. Sadly Mr glass passed on 3 years ago. He changed my life more than i can ever imagine and it has made me realize in other to keep his legacy alive i needed to continue to change other peoples life's, he truly wanted to make everybody successful and wealthy...thats how i was able to buy the estate i own today. So i created a way to make this possible for, well, everybody! It is called the modern profit making course and I'm happy to invite you today! You didn't come across this message cos you're happy with your jobs or finances, You came across it because you know you are trying to make a better life for yourself. If so contacting me wont be an issue, come with me and i will show you how easy it is to make that change you want and start making $8,640 weekly and $65,309 monthly, now i have the dream life my father wanted for me, i want you to have your dream life too. Listen i was fortunate enough to find someone that was willing to take me under his wing and teach me how to be successful, how to learn a new trade that will bring me wealth, well now i have all the money i could ever need, now i am more in helping people like you! I have got my dream house and cars, multiple vacation homes around the world and a yatch to get me there, but there is no reason why you should not have that too once i learned the trade with the same method harrison Glass, Warren Buffett, and Larry Ellison all use i was easily on my way to become a millioniare, i didnt have to go back to the school to learn numbers and figures, its all about the stratgegy and software that you use to read the market... For contact here is my email or telegram @thebitcoin_trader

This article was published on 20.11.2020 by Ladonna Slayter
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