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Hello Fellow entrepreneurs and business builders!

My name is Patrick Mullen and I’ve looked at a lot of different network marketing opportunities. Tried a few with different levels of success, but nothing really resonated with me.

I believe that network marketing is primarily a people business, but product is extremely important. The product has to be something that you feel great about and are proud and excited to share with others.

The companies I’ve tried in the past were great companies, but didn’t have that product element I was looking for, so I continued looking.

I found MintBuilder

The first thing that got me excited about Mintbuilder is that they deal in assets. Primarily silver collectible coins, but now gold also.

Here’s what’s really great about working with a company dealing with assets.

Every month, with any network marketing company, you make an investment in the form of a product purchase.

If the product that you’re purchasing is an asset (collectible silver coin etc.) then you’re just exchanging some of your paper money (dollars) for silver or gold.

So, you’re investment, is really an investment.

And it gets better.

As we all know, most people are not good at sales and recruiting, or at the very least it makes them uncomfortable.

The great thing about assets is that you are building even if you’re not recruiting. So someone that joins your business and hasn’t recruited a single person is still building wealth as the coins that they’re receiving every month increased in value as the price of silver and gold increase as well as the demand for low mintage numismatic collectibles.

And if they start to recruit, they can take advantage of the multiple ways to earn with this company.

I invite you to take the free tour

Take Free Tour

A couple other quick things.

You might be thinking to yourself….sounds expensive.

It’s not, my monthly investment with MintBuilder is Modest, and again you’re just exchanging your paper dollars for Silver or Gold.

Also, with every monthly investment you make, you provide meals for children and families in need.

This is truly an opportunity that you can feel good about

Take care,

Patrick Mullen

This article was published on 29.07.2021 by Patrick Mullen
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Mint Builder - Collectible Silver, Free to join

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