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Longrich is a trustworthy global direct marketing company based in China and has been in operation for 30 years. The networking department of the company started in 2008 and currently produces over 2000 products. They also produce for top global brands (OEM clients) like Unilever, Wal-mart, Tesco, GSK, Woolworths, Este Laude, Avon, Adidas etc.

Longrich trademark is registered in over 180 countries and has business operations in over 40 countries

They certified by ISO (International standard organization), NAFDAC, and HACCP etc.

They are the largest Manufacturing Company in the whole of Asia

They currently contribute 30% of their profit to Chinas GDP

Longrich also own hotels and universities in China.


✅  You do not HAVE TO sell

HINT: 90% of your business success is through recruitment and 10% is sales. So in this business the focus is to recruit and not sell. 

The larger you expand your team in terms of recruitment the more the incentives you qualify for.

✅  You do no forfeit points

✅  Only allowed to have 3 direct downlines, the rest you place under your team and help your team to grow

✅  Affordable to join

✅  Get paid weekly

(Provided you team worked for that week. No recruitment no pay - This is a business not a Ponzi scheme)

✅  Awesome incentives

��         Petrol incentive of R6 200 cash at Diamond 4 level

��        Cellphone incentive of R11 200 cash at Diamond 4 level

��        3 free annual international trips at Diamond 5 level

��        Mini car incentive of R60 000 at Diamond 5 level

��        Upgrade it to Leader car incentive of R300 000 at Diamond 6 level

��        Then finally upgrade it to R600 000 at Diamond 7 level

��        International Scholarship incentive for up to 4 kids at Diamond 7 level

��       After Diamond 7 we have Star Director Ranks, Star Director 1 up to 5

At Star Director 1 this is the incentive:

R1 Million Interest Free Loan - pay it back to Longrich over 10 years 

This is an awesome start up capital for people who want to venture into business.

Plus you get R300 000 CASH 

��     Star Director 2

Get R1 Million CASH... paid into your account

This article was published on 23.01.2019 by Allen Sono
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