“Humanity, Integrity, Loyalty"!

Little did we know that a second look at the advert “My Advertising Pays” would become the solution to starting our journey to financial freedom.


Its reassuring to know that “putting people first” lies at the very core of MAPs. “We Work For The People”! is a statement that all members of MAPs can testify to. Case in point one of MAPS members Jane (we’ve changed her name here) whose only source of income was from Social Security was badly in need of extra funds in order to replace her washing machine which had broken down. Having looked at the simply but effective concept of MAPS

1. Sign Up for Free                                           2. Click on 10 Ads                                                  3. Get Paid

Jane quickly achieved independence from being on benefits to operating her online business full time! Another member Frank (again his named has been changed here) homeless, unemployed originally from France, now lives in the Caribbean all due to My Advertising Pays. Another member we’ll call him Richard came to the UK from Spain with little to no English and working 60 – 80 hours in a Chinese restaurant, took literally the fact that if he could “Click with a mouse” he could achieve financial freedom. Richard is just one of many people whose lives have changed in such a short space of time.


Launched in December 2013 Founder Mike Deese created something uniquely positive and special. In just over 2 years the company has grown to over 260,000 members globally with 7 millionaires to date and counting! This is because the business is built upon solid and ethical foundations ensuring that everything remains robust to the vision for MAPS. Commitment to clear and regular communications from operations personnel who look after our individual MAPS accounts is fundamental in making sure that questions posed by our members are all answered in an honest and transparent manner. When looking to join a business make sure that your due diligence include researching the confidence of its members with regards to the companies obligations to its members and satisfying yourself that you know the how, what and when concerning your money, expectations with withdrawals, support and training etc.


Question: What does these companies have in common, "Blockbuster", "Woolworths", "Comet", "Borders", "JJB Sport", "HMV", "MFI"? Answer: They've all closed and disappeared from our high streets. It's NOT a matter of "If" but "When"! Whatever your position is when reading this, seeking additional, alternative, another income you need to do so NOW! NEWS ALERT: My Advertising Pays is the answer. Check this out now! http//:www.increasewithus.com

There is no greater joy I have now with my MAPS business other than hearing from friends/family/strangers alike just 20 mins after signing up and doing 10 mins work of what is required of them in order to earn this income, they’ve been paid. No less than 95% profits that comes into  MAPS are shared with all members. Don’t delay join now and witness for yourself how earning an income online could not be easier. In fact another statement from the company is this: “It’s Impossible NOT to earn with MAPS! There are NO guarantees in life but I can guarantee you this, this business is addictive and fun. The serious part is, you WILL earn a FANTASTIC income

NB: There is no selling, No Recruiting (necessary) to earn, No building legs, downlines, No gambling. 

 "A year from now you may wish you had started today"  

Sign up today and be paid today. Here to Help you succeed!

To Your Success 

Lorna Easy

Click the link now for further info.


This article was published on 15.06.2016 by Lorna Easy
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