Advertising The Smart Way in 2017

Advertising online today is financial killer really it is! Did you know finding the right place to advertise  your business is the main key to your success, most people take it for granted that you have to place your business where real traffic is or you will just waste much time and loss the hard earned advertising budget you have now.

Consider this years again I was part a business forum a lot of people would come in and posted there businesses but today that forum is like a ghost town, why you may ask it very simple it did not stay relevant with search engine tuning, updating the platform etc. Yet if I kept paying my monthly fees I would have lost out twice over 1. for advertising my business 2. for wasting my advertising budget.

It is true online advertising is a challenge because you constantly have to spend money and make sure it is getting real results. my thoughts on this matter are nerve racking because the search engine  are ever changing.

Consider this a least expensive way to advertise is thru real online Penny Savers that's right Penny Savers. I know you heard of them before many cities have them in suburban locations and you can advertise in them cheap. One of the main reasons people like penny savers is because you can run a ad for months in the same spot in that Penny Saver for one small price.

I remember about 18  years about I did my first Penny Saver AD it was nothing fancy but I ran the ad anyway the duration I ran it for ended I got zero calls or sales. I was disappointed but moved on 6 or 7 months later I got a call left on my answering machine mentioning my ad I was very confused because I was not running no more ads in Penny Saver at that time to be honest, anyway the message was that person wanted to know more about what I was offering. Well I called  the person back and to my utter surprise when I asked how did they know about my product they said thru the penny saver ad I did several months ago they had kept the and wanted to see if  the product samples was still available. 

The lesson I learned thru that was unlike regular news papers ads that are thrown away daily  Penny Savers were something people kept for a bit of time and go back an review it. It's true I am not making this up, did you know that the main people who read Penny Savers are working people that look for products and services they can depend on and are in their local area.

I seen in my local Penny Savers ads that has been running in the same spot for the last 10 years or longer why because the advertiser knows people are going to see it and contact them when the time is right. Always remember just because the time you run your ad and you didn't get response right than in there it doesn't mean some people didn't see your ad but the timing was not good for them to respond to it.

It is the same way with online advertising viewers don't always respond right away but they keep coming back time to time to recheck that site than make a order or join.

Online Penny Savers are no different they offer good adverting deals that can run for a small price for a entire year or longer.

Remember online Penny Savers are super cheap to advertise in and sometime for a small price for a full year Ad can be run in the same spot all year long.

These online Penny Savers really work

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This article was published on 19.09.2016 by Lemont Wells
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