7 Things Most People Don't Do That Is Costing Them Business (Must Read)

We all want to have success in our MLM business.

But, most people struggle to get any business going.

So what is it that they do, or do not do, that the successful do?

In this business announcement, I am going to share with you a very important piece of information, that can sky rocket your business if you follow what is taught in it.

I will show you what most people do not do, that is costing them a lot of business, and when you see what it is, you can begin changing it.

#1: The Follow Up

Most people in MLM business, will not do a follow up, or a lifetime of follow ups.

For most, just one conversation is all that happens, and of course very few people come from the first exposure.

You must have a way to follow up with every single person you speak to. I of course have a follow up system built in my company, but that's still not enough for me.

I will place every lead into my own personal autoresponder so I can email them for as long as they stay on my list.

When I prospect and call my leads, if I come across someone who has expressed interest, I will place them into a list for people who could become team members.

This way, I can invite thousands of people over time to my company calls, invite them to my new blog posts, and anything I wish.

This usually leads to people who I spoke with long ago, reaching back out in time.

Had I not had them on an autoresponder, I would of never had a chance to speak to them again.

#2: Calling Leads

If a prospect gives a number on a landing page, why not call them?

On my company's landing pages, the phone number form says (optional).

So if a person knows they do not have to put a number in, and does anyway, it is like raising their hand and asking to be called.

Most people will not even call a lead who leaves a number.

I have only got a couple wrong numbers using forms that say "optional". 

Most of the time, they are happy to hear from me, and I always increase my signup rate when I do dial sessions and reach out to people.

If I ever speak to someone who is interested, but isn't in a position to join, I will add them to my list for people who may become team members, and follow up with them every week for life.

#3: Create Content

Many people believe that they are not good enough, or they do not know enough to create content.

This is not true, as you can create content on the things you learn as you build your business.

Content creation is work, but it is work that will generate leads more and more as time goes on.

Many avoid it for the time it will take, and the upfront work that's involved.

If you start creating content today, you will find that this time next year, the results are paying themselves off at a very high rate.

Create the most value through blogs, articles, videos, and live broadcasts, and you'll be one of the higher earners in any company you work in.

#4: Use Paid Advertising

Many look at paid advertising as a risk.

But paid advertising is not a risk, it is a must.

You will most likely always lose money upfront when you use paid ads, but that's not the point.

You begin to get better at your advertising and advertising sources, making it more and more affordable to run ads.

As you find where you are getting the best results, always look to add more into your paid advertising.

Avoiding paid ads is like trying to stay behind in business.

Paid ads will deliver quick leads to help you get your first signups and sales.

As you run ads, be sure you are following up with those who are not able to join at the time, and calling the ones who leave numbers.

You build your list quickly with paid ads, and faster with adding content to your schedule.

But most of all, this is creating your list of people who will be joining down the road and later on, so consider it like a pre-investment for your success.

#5: Who Responded To Your Ad?

When you run paid advertising or even free advertising, are you reaching out to those who simply leave name and email only?

An example would be running ads on MLM Gateway. When a person responds to your ad on MLM Gateway, search for them on the platform and reach out to connect.

You may not have a number to call, but you still can message them and let them understand you are a real person.

The more a person knows, likes, and trusts the person behind the ad, the more powerful the ads become.

Look for people on Facebook, MLM Gateway, Youtube or wherever the ad is, and connect with them once you have their email and name. This of course, doesn't always land you on the prospect, but will get you to some of them.

#6: Track Your Clicks

One huge issue that many people in MLM do not ever do, is track their clicks online.

It seems like it would be a tough issue to do, but it is very simple indeed.

My company gives me a way to track where my clicks are coming from, so this is how I know when someone comes from a MLM Gateway ad.

I can understand a lot of what my prospect or lead may be looking for if I know where they come from.

I know where I am having the most success with which ad or blog post.

You can open many doors of opportunity when you know more about the lead that comes in. But you must track your clicks and know what ads are not pulling in good results, or which traffic sellers are ripping you off.

If you do not have a way to track your clicks, HERE IS A FREE REAL TRACKER THAT PAYS YOU TO USE IT and I believe you will get a lot of value from having a great tool like this.

#7: Stay Consistent

If one thing is important, staying consistent with your strategies and work is the thing.

No matter what it is, consistency makes it work better and better.

For example, if you were creating content using videos on Youtube, then making one video will most likely do nothing.

But, if you were making a new video almost everyday, and continuing to put new ones out more and more, your Youtube channel would pull in massive amounts of business in time.

Same goes for blogging, or any content creation.

Paid ads are the same. Continuing to use paid advertising in one place will help you learn more and get better, and begin to bring more and more people in as most will not reply to an ad when they see it. It takes multiple views before they take action.

And of course, same goes with emailing, and calling leads.

Consistency will make all things become more and more effective and productive. Be sure to stay consistent in all things.

Bonus Tip: Uncomfortable Is Key

In this last tip, as a bonus, I will share with you something several people do, therefore do not do what they need to do.

This is, believe they are not good enough to take action with specific strategies.

This causes people to never try to create content, shoot a video, start a blog, or do a webinar.

If a specific strategy makes you feel uncomfortable, then most likely it will pull results if you do it.

Calling leads can be very uncomfortable in the beginning, but after you call a few, it becomes second nature and you can do it without even thinking about it.

Always look to do a strategy that you have fear of doing, and you will be able to build your business at a much faster rate, and have the success you dream of.

So never think you are not good enough or do not know enough to do anything. We all feel that way when we do something the first time.

Once you have defeated your fear and completed your strategy, it will only get easier, and will begin producing more results as you continue doing it.

Did This Help?

If you got value from today's business announcement, please leave me a comment below and let me know. I appreciate any thoughts, ideas, or comments that you leave.

Also, don't forget to connect with me here on MLM Gateway. Just send me over a connection request and I will certainly accept it. 

P.S Want to have a way to earn from my work? Have my team members as your own? Plus, have several of the methods I mentioned above working for you? Then simply take this free tour and see for yourself why I am having success in my business and see how you could too if you want to get serious about it.

This article was published on 25.09.2018 by Jaye Carden
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