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How To Guarantee High Performance

How to get things done.

Every. Single. Day.

One day at a time. It’s a view of life that’s worked for people no matter what they’re working to accomplish. 

I think it’s the best way. Here’s why…

Most people involved with marketing talk about how much they’ve earned, how many leads they got on their email list and how many sales they’ve made in terms of a month. 

How many sales this month? How many recruits? How much in commissions?

This is a self-defeating way to look at your progress. If you’re thinking in terms of the month, you’ll automatically program your activity based on that time frame.

It’s a huge mistake.

Here’s what happens…

You have a really bad first week, so you might think “Well, it’s only the first week of the month. I’ve got 3 weeks left to make up for it.”

Or maybe you had a really great week, so you might think “Hey, I’m way ahead of schedule. I can afford to take tonight off. After all, I deserve it.”

The problem is that both of these points of view are wrong, for 2 reasons.

1. You’re concentrating on achievement goals, which you have absolutely no control over

2. Depending on what your performance goals were, you could be ahead or behind on achievements, but it doesn’t really matter because the outcome should not determine your actions

I realize that everyone and their mom will tell you all day long why you should set goals, write them down, and yada, yada, yada.

They’re all wrong.

Let me explain…

When people tell you about setting goals, they’re almost always talking about achievement goals. You have zero control over whether people buy from you or not. In fact, you have no control over anything anyone else does. 

Combat this reality by focusing on the things you can control. What’s that? I’m glad you asked. The only things you can control are your thoughts and behaviors. 

A consistent train of thought will lead to consistent actions, which will form habits. Your habits will keep your actions consistent. When you’ve set up habits that move you and your business forward, everything falls into place like a puzzle.

Here’s the recipe for success…

Concentrate all of your effort on performance goals. How many calls will you make today? How many videos will you shoot today? How many articles will you write today? All of those are performance goals. If you consistently do all the work you can do every day, you can’t help but succeed.

Some days you’ll fall short, and some days you’ll excel. That’s just life. But as long as you’re doing what you can every day and meeting your performance goals, you’ll win.

There’s another critical aspect of this process.

Being focused on performance goals keeps you from being concerned about outcomes. Customer doesn’t buy? Who cares? Prospect doesn’t sign up? So what?

You won’t care, because you don’t need any one particular sale, or recruit or outcome.

When you can perform while being completely unconcerned about the outcome, you’ll take a quantum leap forward in your business. 

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This article was published on 31.01.2017 by Dave Kotecki
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