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 I recently have been struggling with being able to eat or drink anything due to my recent discovery of having ulcerations and bad inflammation from my lower small bowel into my stomach and duodenum. I'm sure a lot of you guys have experienced this as well. (I Have Crohns Disease and have had a total colectomy on April 3rd of last year) Ever since I had my colectomy done, it has been extremely hard for me to eat anything without discomfort or having to pay for it in the bathroom afterwards(sorry, TMI) and it's really just been a pain in the ass, no pun intended. As you know, the colon basically absorbs water and nutrients and such, so without it, it makes it incredibly hard to digest things completely, get vitamins and stay hydrated due to bathroom frequency.

Well, the other day I met this lady at the store and was telling her basically why I had so much soup in my cart (lol) and she mentioned this juice and vitamins stuff..clearly I was skeptical, but she gave me some samples and I tried it, and It really did give me the energy to at least get ALMOST through the whole day without feeling like i've had zero sleep and it didn't kill my stomach. 

Long story short, I liked it so much that I started my own franchise with this company and I want to tell everyone about it.  I am now RECRUITING TEAM MEMBERS to be a part of my franchise  with this amazing company.

Im not saying everyone will have the same results as me, and I'm definitely not claiming this to be a cure all product, but as far as getting all your essential vitamins and greens and fruits, this hits the nail on the head. 

I know that a lot of people have had some encounters with a lot of different things, as I know there are tons of similar things out on the market, but I have had my entire colon removed and I struggle everyday with eating anything because I get really bad ulcers and inflammation throughout my small bowel and my duodenum. Without a colon, it has been incredibly difficult for me to absorb nutrients and vitamins, but being able to just drink a shake and get energy and my vitamins...I had to do this! It does not cause bloating and pain for me when I drink and for that simple fact, I want everyone to use this lol.

They have an "easy pay" type payment plan where you can pay over a 2 or 4 month span for your products(which aren't too crazy expensive like some are) and the company really will work with you on any returns or questions you have. Do yourself a favor and at lear try this.

I am now RECRUITING TEAM MEMBERS to be a part of my franchise with this amazing company. Let's change peoples lives together!

This article was published on 16.09.2016 by Stashia Jeanette
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Loretta Brumfield Awesome Stashia...keep up the good work  1 year ago
Stashia Jeanette Thank you, Danny!!  1 year ago
Danny Jones Nice business announcement,You go girl  1 year ago

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