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earn money by liking and sharing video...jst like we do on facebook.....this is a site gives ue a valueable amount....

amount will be credit after 24 hour....click the link....


they give us money on liking nad sharing video.....commenting.....requesting new friend....

FutureAdPro is particular digital product because it is a domain name and separate and independent website, but that is intrinsically linked to FutureNET. I will come back later on this topic.


You have at your disposal the legal details on my blog or on the international Facebook group, but You need to look for.


Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern are the two founders of FutureNet and FutureAdPro. They present their mission, vision and values.

 uest for friend.....making new friendhave trouble, huh! Well, you'll have to read my exhaustive investigation article about it! But, I add an important additional information because you will not have to spend any other monthly fees, quarterly, half yearly or with the expenditure of $ 10!


This is only for the Beginner Premium Membership for $ 10, but you can get higher Membership such as the Basic Premium Membership for $ 25, the Gold Premium Membership for $ 50, the Exclusive Matrix Membership for $ 100, the Saphire Matrix Membership for $ 500 the Royal Matrix Membership for $ 1,000.


As you noticed that with $ 10, you could reach or multiply your initial investment by x 4 428.6, you can imagine what others paid Membership could bring you! Any idea? No ! Just to tell you that it is huge! Then, all this is explained on my investigative/review article!ut thatis not finished because there is the Matching Bonus which offers a percentage of 10 to 50% on the registration based on the package you have taken that will add to earnings from the 3x3 matrix! I can whisper you that even with only $ 10, the amount is as impressive too as it is a 4 digit number for only 10$ !


Among other products, you have the MultiMedia Bonus, which gives you a percentage of earnings, a percentage for the marketing plan and the final percentage for a commission to FutureNET. Here too, it will be necessary consulting my investigation/review article to determine the percentages of this digital product!


To continue in digital products offered by FutureNET, we have the Sales Bonus. You will receive 30% commissions on other digital products added from a reward on 10 levels except purchases made through the MediaPoints. Digital products, which I refer, are:


The LandingPage,

The Momemtum system,

The Cloud,

The Blog,

The Video Mail,

The VideoProduction,

The WebTemplate


All these digital products are not free! They have a monthly cost, quarterly, half-yearly or annual, and therefore, depending on your purchase, the sponsor receives 30% from purchases.


The Advertising Bonus digital product grants 20% for every customer for bringing to FutureNET!


The Chat digital product from FutureNET pays you to use this option! Few, certainly, but it's better than nothing because casually chatting on Facebook is often used! Without buying anything or any membership, you can earn money with Chat!


The Leader Bonus Digital Product rewards users who have reached a number of partners and other relevant conditions.


The latest digital product is FutureAdPro which is an advertising platform that shares residual incomes with members who have bought at least one ad pack for $ 50 and who have clicked on ads 10 ads of 30 seconds each in the traffic exchange. The, you will be qualified to receive the residual incomes for te next 24 hours. The maximum is 1000 ad packs. A referral link on 5 levels offers 8%, 4%, 1%, 1%, 1% with the V membership that allows you other earnings. Note that up to 50 advertising packages (ad packs), the membership is free!


You have at your disposal all the elements and tools to promote your business such as banners, marketing plan, flyers, the FutureNET magazine, tutorials, videos, business cards, rollups, charts in section "Downloads".


Anyone can use and register on FutureNET except that you have the legal age (to be adult) in your country.

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