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It's time to stop making any difficulty in businesses online. This is genning, the one and unique business that will automatically change you entire life. It is the Piuni.

Puini is a company that offers telecom's based services. They have provided a platform where individuals can log in and obtain services as well as earn money. They have  services such as U-pay for payment of bills, etc. This is just a combination of services offered by Visa, MasterCard etc. With this, you can pay your bills ranging from Power holding company, internet service, hospital etc.

There are 600 network carriers on piuni platform, in 140 countries. One can also obtain data bundle called U top up.
U-top up is a platform where one logs in to top up his phone or that of friends, no matter where they are in the world and what network they are using and get paid. 

Then the U-world.

A U-pay app is being developed at the moment. U world is an app that allows people to download games and other application packages on the internet and get paid.

U-chat is an app that people will use to chat. Mind you, from January next year ,blackberry will loose the power to carry whats app unless through the U chat.

Note: these products have not been launched.

There are three levels of association with Piuni; the affiliate/brand ambassador,the agent(who buys products in bulk and retails to d customer) and d customer.

Piuni's main focus now is building the affiliate base. The company hasn't been officially launched and the products are not in the market yet, except for top ups and data bundle,which are only accessible to the affiliates alone now or any other registered member.
How do you become an affiliate?

You can buy a franchise for a token, with this Piuni sets up your website where people can carry out all these services, you will  render without you managing the website as there is a software that handles the transactions. All you need do is to promote your web page.

Agents buy products/services in bulk from the affiliates and sells to the customer. Nobody has direct access to the company  except through the affiliate.

How do you make your money?

There are 9 different ways of making money at the same time.

They are as follows:

1 .Direct sales

2. Jump start bonus

3. Pairing bonus

4. Upgrade bonus(this you earn when someone in your team upgrades from pro to premium within 60 days of joining,u make $80)

5. Check matching

6. One dollar club etc.

I will explain better.

For every sale on your website, Piuni takes 10% of the sale. You are part of Piuni, so this 10% will be share into two, Piuni takes half and you take half. For example, if you join with 35k which is the lowest, Piuni stocks your website up with 2/5million worth of products. As people buy them, you and Piuni will make 250k at the end, which will be divided.

This is a breakdown of it. To become an affiliate, you will pay to get Piuni franchise which is the website and it cost $40(10k), then the deposit you put down for stock/products and services will determine your level of affiliation. We have three levels of affiliation.

They are;

1.the basic pro

2.the premium and

3. the family pack.

For the basic, you pay $100(25k) for your product. Piuni will stock your web with $10,000(2.5m) worth of products.

The next level of affiliation is the premium pack. Here one is expected to put down $500(125k) for the products. After paying this,your website will be stocked with $100,000 (25k) worth of products.

Piuni has not given you these products, rather they have put them in your care. At the end of sales, the organization will make 10% profit. It is this 10% that will be divided into 50%-50% between you and the organization.

Piuni advice's that one starts with the premium pack. When you register with the premium pack, apart from the products, you will get $80 worth of free sampling voucher. This you will use to sample to those you want to bring into the organization. You can top them up for free

The direct earning works like this. For everyone who joins Piuni through you, you earn 10% of the worth of product they pay for. Now, when you join with 35k,10k is for the website,25k is down payment for the products. So, the person that introduced you to Piuni will earn 2500. We call this the jump start pay. There is no limit to the number of person you can bring.

The next is what we call pairing bonus. When you bring two people, you will 1st receive the jump start pay, then the company will pay you again 10% of what both of them paid. When these two people brings in their own two, they will be paid the same,and you will receive exactly what they received. This will continue to expand in the multiples of two at every new stage. You can draw it. It has no end.
 Earn commission whenever your affiliates earn. If the people you brought makes sales, you earn 50% of what they earn. when they bring in people too, you earn from those they brought in. It continues.
Mind you, you are in this company for life..

I am only introducing you, there are lots to this.

You can benefit from joining the company early before the real thing happen. The company is just two month old. It's American, they are just doing Pre-launch in Nigeria.

What I have just done is give you a tip of the iceberg, and intro. You earn through 9 different ways. And in Piuni, you pay ones. When you run out of products, you can order for another without paying anything again.

Commissions are paid out at every Transactions, no matter the amount.

This is just a tip, I will update with time.

Note: the naira calibration here was when the dollar-naira was 250/$. What we have now is 420/$, despite dollar-naira rate being higher than 420.

Contact on 08061162938 or 08145593849.

This article was published on 07.10.2016 by Umar Moh'd Idris
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