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Have You Thought About This?

Do you know what your FICO credit score is?

If someone were to ask you if you knew what your credit score was right off the top of your head, would you be able to give them a ballpark figure as to what it was? 


I'm sorry, but the bulk of this business announcement has nothing to do with your FICO credit score.   I'm only using it as a lead in to some very important information I want to share with you that can only help your business expand and change your life...period!

What do I mean?

If you're reading this, you are in business for yourself right?   Albeit a small business, but a business just the same.  And it dawned on me today that I NEVER hear or read about what I'm about to share with you.

So what is the subject that I hardly ever hear or read about in our circles?


That's right...BUSINESS CREDIT!

At some point in your business, it will be to your advantage to have established a business credit profile to obtain business credit to maybe expand your business. I'm assuming you'd like to build a BIG business with whatever company you're with. Imagine what it would be like to march into Office Max or Staples with your business credit card and purchase what you need for your business and it has no effect on your personal FICO credit score whatsoever!  Or what about having established a business line of credit, say about $10,000 to $50,000 in which to refurbish that spare bedroom into a nice home office that has your updated computer, new leather chair and shiny new oak desk that doesn't move an inch when you brush against it?  It's possible with business credit.  

Or maybe you'd like to take the money and venture out to other projects like residential real estate or commercial property  and create Multiple Streams of Income?

I'm guessing a lot of us work from home entrepreneurs do not have sterling personal credit. If you do great! But what if you don't. Wouldn't you love to be able to have a second chance with establishing good credit? But not with your personal credit, but with business credit? 

I mean let's face facts here, our entire country is run on credit. You need credit to buy a house. You need credit to rent a nice apartment. Heck, to get the latest smartphone, you need credit to sign up for the phone service. But all that is with personal credit. 

Imagine being able to purchase those items above with your business, thereby protecting your personal assets from liability because you're not like everybody else.  You wised up, started a business, set it up right , established business credit and now you're protected for life.  And again why?   Because you have your assets in your business name, purchased with business credit! 

Did you know that banks will loan a lot more money to a spanking brand new business with no history than they will lend to an individual, even if that individual has an 800 + FICO score?  Business credit is more powerful than the best personal credit folks!

Did you know that you could buy that luxury car you've always wanted with business credit and spare yourself the hassle of worrying about your personal credit?

I've started my journey in getting set up properly in establishing business credit, I think you should too.   

I remember reading in either Rich Dad, Poor Dad or his other book called the Cash Flow Quadrant that the rich never use their own money, they use OPM (Other Peoples Money) 

Need I say more?

Here's the resource that'll probably turn a light bulb on for you: 


Good Luck, 


This article was published on 19.12.2016 by Frank F. Mayes
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