What is Thrive?!

So what is Thrive well let me explain it to you! Thrive is a 3 step nutritional system that works in conjunction with  your body to produce premium results I know you are thinking < ok Angela thanks a lot this isn't telling me a thing but hear me out >  


As you all know nutrition is vital without having our nutritional gaps filled we suffer from many ailments  


-weight issues  

-brain fog ( having trouble concentrating, being forgetful)  

-our joints start to ache more and we just blame it on age  

-we notice we are loosing muscle-mass again we blame this on age  

-general aches and discomforts are starting to plague us on a daily  

-we start seeing it in our skin we lost this natural glow, our nails are brittle and our hair just isn't growing like it should... 

 Who here is guilty of shelling out tons of money on products that are supposed to help our hair, skin and nails and see no results  

- loss of energy! 

- and no one wants to talk about the dreaded digestive issues < I mean who wants to talk about other peoples pooping issues lol>  


If you suffer from any of the above mentioned things You owe it to yourself to start thriving  


I had all these issues and then some and I was a skeptic I finally caved and I invested in myself and gave this thrive thing a shot and man oh man so much has changed  

I do need to add to this that you may or may not experience a detox period (I felt a bit jittery, has a horrible headache and was so sick to my stomach)   I did and my friend told me do not quit keep going and I am so glad I did! Day ten beautiful day ten was when I finally started thriving and it just kept getting better  


What am I doing well here it is  


I wake up take my two capsules on an empty stomach before my feet hit the floor with a full glass (8oz) of water I have this all on my night stand ready to go  

I then get up do my morning chores we all have them right  

20 mins later I mix my shake and drink it This shake is not a protein shake it is packed with pre and probiotics and digestive enzymes that help you absorb the capsule ( I learnt that all my other vitamins didn't work so well because my stomach acids were eating them, faster then my body could absorb them!!!)  


Step 3 is your DFT patch which is a Patch you wear for the next 24 hours I like to pre prep the area with alcohol pads before putting it on simply because in Ga it is so humid it makes it stick better  your body is able to take from the patch anything and everything it needs throughout the day 


Many are concerned about the cost they have an amazing program set up where if you order under autoship and get two friends thriving with you and they order under autoship they will send you credits for free thrive ( disclaimer all parties have to be ordering the full system ) Its like going to a steakhouse you bring two friends with you and say hey I brought these guys they say awesome  your meal is free today! I dont know about you but I would eat there all the time and tell everyone about this system and how it works  


Do not be nervous about the autoship option it is all controlled by you under your account Credits go out the 2nd of every month  


Before I leave you all I would like for you to take the time and add me on Facebook this way if you have any questions you can just message me and also like the Le-Vel fan page it is full of fellow thrivers sharing their stories I will include both link below  


https://www.facebook.com/LevelBrands/ this is the link to the actual Le-vel site  



here is my direct link 

I wish you all a fantastic day and please do not be shy to reach out to me I am here with any questions you may have  


Thank you  God bless Angela Rush  


Dr Roger Williams said it best in his quote " The human body heals itself and nutrition provides the resources to accomplish the task"

This article was published on 14.07.2019 by Angela Rush
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