I Welcome you all to RIIAB, 

Where people help people to create wealth..... 

Why Are You Here Today? 

We all have different reasons for being here today.... 

We all have dreams.... 

What Is Your Dream? 

Achieving those dreams

I present to you.......


...Touching Lives and Empowering People

* To empower members financially with our genuinely proven and tested matrix 's system.

Randy Garrard is the the owner of this program and he is also a Internet marketer



* There is no buying and selling of physical products.

* RESIDUAL INCOME is simply a progressive Movement of like minds.

*Adpack can be used to advertise your other products to the world. 

*An NGO that grows her membership base with a referral system. 


Don't get confused with the word NETWORK. 

A Network of people is a large number of people that have a connection with each other and work together as a SYSTEM.

A SYSTEM is a way of working, organising or doing something which follows a fixed plan or set of rules.

Ours is a FILLING SYSTEM. (People Filling Your Matrix's Levels)

The word "NETWORKING" is often misunderstood by people.

NETWORKING simple means a process of trying to meet new people who might be useful to you in your job or business often through social activities. 

It is only through NETWORKING you can get passive income and brake from the chain of financial lack. 


*Every member makes an initial payment to join the Residual income The payment amount per member is just a token of #1000($3) only and 3people to work with you and pay same amount to you.

* Register online with the person who recommended this organisation to you. 

* Get your own replicated Hi-Tech website which is your back office to manage your business real time.

Get your username and password to login to members area.

You are looking at a complete life changing potential and legitimate offer...    

This is how it works.... 

RIIAB means Residual Income In A Box

It's a system with Member to Member Payment. That means that it is direct payment to personal accounts and not to any third party or admin or internet site.

All you need to be part of it is just N1,000 only. You pay it to the bank account of the person that referred you to the business. That person is the one that will approve your registration after receiving alert of your payment to his/her bank account

When the 3 person join under you, your total earning is N3,000 You will then use N3,000 to upgrade to level 2. This time the upgrading money goes to the upline of your upline. On receiving the alert of your payment, he/she will now approve your request to upgrade to level 2

In level 2, you earn all the level 2 upgrades of the people in your level 2. They are the downlines of your 3 downlines. They are 9 people in number and they will pay N3,000 each to your own bank account. The total is N27,000

You will now use N8910 out of the money to upgrade to level 3. You pay your level 3 upgrade money to the bank account of your level 3 upline up.

At level 3, you earn a total of about N240,000

Out of that money, you will take about N26,730 and upgrade to level 4. Once the alert of your payment of level 4 is received, your upline who received it will now approve it for you.

At level 4, you earn a total of N2,165,130

The program ends at level 4

If you out your heart to work on this, you can generate a total of N2.1million within few months.

You need Just 3 people to work with and 3 people also get their own three people and continues

level 1 = 3 people

level 2 = 9 People

level 3 = 27 People

level 4 = 81 People

upgrading fee on each level 

level 1=#1,000

level 2=#3,000

level 3=#8910

level 4=#26,730

Your income on each level

level 1=#3,000

level 2=#27,000

level 3=#240,000

level 4=#2,165,130

Note :-

money is paid into members by members account or collect by cash in this business

[ Pls read through and ask ur questions)


What's app/call 08080070705,  for more information on registration...

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