Preye's team in the RIIAB networking, money matrix (low capital,larege income)

I was lucky enough to  meet a friend on social media who told me about this business, he asked me 3 questions

1. what can you do or buy with #400 naira in this present economy, recharge card, a bottle of coke and a beef roll, a one time meal???

2. have you ever seen or heard about a business you can start with just #400 naira and earn up to a 5 million in few months???

3. RIIAB can give you that opportunity, to start up with just 400 naira, that unknowingly to us we waste it almost on a daily basis..... would you rather make good use of our #400 or missuse it ????  

I was dumbfounded and  desperate to know about the busineSs, so he went ahead to say:- 

To state the rquirements 1. you need just #400 to start.

                                        2. you need to refer just 4 persons to register under you as your direct downlines in otherwords 

                                          (four men team) 

                                        3. you need to be business mind, be focused on a target and work as a team

                                       4. a compulsary email account (gmail preferable by the company) and a browsing phone

I knew could do it, he now said 

4x4 This is how it works.... 4x4 matrix

RIIAB means Residual Income In A Box

It's a system with Member to Member Payment. That means that it is direct payment to personal accounts and not to any third party or admin or internet site.

All you need to be part of it is just N400 only. You pay it to the bank account of the person that referred you to the business. That person is the one that will approve your registration after receiving alert of your payment to his/her bank account

When the 4 person join under you, your total earning is N1,600 You will then use N800 to upgrade to level 2. This time the upgrading money goes to the upline of your upline. On receiving the alert of your payment, he/she will now approve your request to upgrade to level 2

In level 2, you earn all the level 2 upgrades of the people in your level 2. They are the downlines of your 4 downlines. They are 16 people in number and they will pay N800 each to your own bank account. The total is N12,800

You will now use N4,000 out of the money to upgrade to level 3. You pay your level 3 upgrade money to the bank account of your level 3 upline up.

At level 3, you earn a total of about N256,000

Out of that money, you will take about N20,000 and upgrade to level 4. Once the alert of your payment of level 4 is received, your upline who received it will now approve it for you.

At level 4, you earn a total of N5,120,000

The program ends at level 4

If you out your heart to work on this, you can generate a total of N5.1million within few months.

You need Just four people to work with and four people also get their own four people and continues

level 1 = 4 people

level 2 = 16 People

level 3 = 64 People

level 4 = 256 People

upgrading fee on each level 

level 1=#400

level 2=#800

level 3=#4,000

level 4=#20,000

Your income on each level

level 1=#1,600

level 2=#12,800 

level 3=#256,000

level 4=#5,126,000

Note :-

money is paid into members by members account or collect by cash in this business

[ Pls read through and ask ur questions)

Now instead of  complaining and looking for who to ut lames on, and criticizing almost everything, why not do something for yourself, 

The company website:

If interested contact me, call,sms, whatsapp: 08187574393

This article was published on 15.04.2016 by Priye Freeman
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