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Do You Have What It Takes To Stay On Course?

Hey, what's up? It's time for episode, whatever you call it.

Okay, so I'm driving along today and when I took off it was kinda rough road weather. Snowing and icy. Roads were kind of bad in spots. So I took off and things looked like they were getting better for a while. And then all of a sudden things went sideways.

It started snowing harder and the road was all messed up. There was a plow truck spreading sand and salt. And I'm thinking to myself, "Man, this is just a drag."

Because I know it snows up here and this part in Nevada, but I haven't seen it. Most I've seen is maybe a little bit on the ground. It doesn't have blizzards up here that I have to drive through. And I'm thinking to myself, (after I got out of it) when I'm down to the lower elevation, it's sunny and 20 degrees warmer. Crazy.

And that's exactly how it goes when you're attempting to build a business online. Or off, I'd imagine. It doesn't really matter. There's times where the road is dry and smooth. You can see far ahead of you. Then there's other times when you can't see anything, you don't know what to do. You gotta slow down. It seems like you're making no progress.

The analogy doesn't stop there. It's like, what do you do in that situation? Well, sometimes you can hole up and get a hotel room or whatever. Stop what you're doing in the case of marketing. Or you could find a detour and take a way around it. Normally there's some way to get through ot around whatever you're going to come across.

Or, I guess in the case of the business, you just quit. Do something else. But when you compare the two together, whatever you do is the same way. It doesn't matter what kind of job, what kind of activity you're doing. Or your business. You're going to come to these times where it just gets slowed down, and you don't know what to do. The going is much more difficult.

It's times like that the whole make money online industry is built around. There are people that come up to an obstacle and stop. Then, ooh, there's something that's going to help me through it, or there's something I can switch to that's working. I can do that. Everything will be fine.

And for whatever reason, it's something about the human brain. I dunno. It seems like everyone I've ever met, they at least have a period of time where they believed that. Where these new things come up and they think "Yeah, that'll do it."

Then after you get through that phase, you can look at something and say, "No, if this is what I've chosen to do, and it's still a viable business option, then I might as well continue with what I've got.

I remember listening to Joe Polish of Piranha Marketing, and he was talking about how he met a guy when he was just starting out, a year or so into his carpet cleaning business. This guy was a very wealthy businessman, real estate investor and told him, "Are there other people making money in what you've got right now?" Because Joe had asked him, "What do you think I should do? What business should I get into so I can make a lot of money."

He says, "Well aren't people making a lot of money in what you're doing now?" And Joe tells him, "Well, yeah, they are, but they've got this, and they've got that, and they're doing this. They've been around longer. They have all these advantages that I don't have."

He says, "Look. Until you learn how to make money with the business you're in, you won't make money in any other business. Because whatever baggage you've got, whatever you're doing wrong, you're just going to take with you. And what you do is you take a step back and you start all over. You have to learn everything new about the particular business you're in, but the business principles that you never learned are going to sink you anyway."

"You're not going to move ahead. Because right now you don't have a business. You have a job. And you had a better learn to make money in a business, the business you're in, before you try something else. Because if you don't, you're going to take all that garbage with you, and you're just going to be behind. And you're going to find yourself at the same place, in any different business."

So think about that.

If you started off in something that was good then, it's probably good now. Find a way over, around, through, or under whatever obstacle you face. Make it happen.

Got something good? This will show you how to dominate it. 

That's all I got for today. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'm out.

This article was published on 07.07.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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