Cryptoion is a crypto currency mining program that gives you 6% - 9% profit per day. Your profit share will be added to your account in every 30 minutes; yes every 30 minutes.You can withdraw your money anytime you want; not only profit but also you can withdraw principal amount.

The minimum deposit is 1 Bitcoin and the maximum is as much as you want.The reason why Cryptioion is the best is you are allowed to withdraw your money everyday; yes everyday. If you want to discontinue,you can withdraw all your money – both profit and capital anytime.

Cryptoion is a subdivision of Bittrex, a reputable crypto currency company. Cryptoion has only crypto mining system - safe, secure and easy to use.


How do I purchase mining contract?

It is very simple. Once you have your account created new user menu will show once you are logged in. On top of the page click on "Buy a new contract" link. Once you are on that page you can see your "deposit address", you should send BTC to this address and after 1 confirmation BTC will be available for you to buy new contracts or Cryptoion vouchers.

When and how will I receive payouts from my mining contract? Depends on your contract; you can receive payouts daily, weekly or monthly. Payout is done to your bitcoin wallet you specify or it's accumulated in your Cryptoion balance and you can withdraw it manually.

When will my contract start mining?  All contracts are activated automatically, you will start mining instantly after we have received your payment!

How do I setup my payout address?   Once you log in go to your account "dashboard". First thing you see on your dashboard in top left is "Withdraw address" field, enter your bitcoin wallet address here and save it. Weekly and monthly contracts will be paid out to this address. If you do not enter address here all your earnings will be added to your balance and you can withdraw it manually.

For how long is contract active?

By default contract are set to expire automatically after 5 years but you can sell them back to us sooner than that if you wish.

When can I sell back purchased contract?  This depends on the type of the contract you purchased. Manual ones you can sell whenever you like. Weekly payout ones you can sell after 60 days and monthly payout contracts you can sell after 90 days after you purchased them.

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