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I am recruiting for my Kyäni business. This business is all ran through an app on your smart phone. You can literally run this business from anywhere in the world. This company offers many bonuses and also a luxury dream car program. Kyäni products are all natural food based health supplements. Kyäni offers 3 products, Kyäni Sunrise which you take in the morning, Kyäni Sunset which you take in the evening, and Kyäni Nitro Fx/Nitro Xtreme which you take in the morning, in the afternoon, and the evening. You can take these individually or you can take all 3 together which is known as the triangle of health. These products are absolutely amazing and are changing peoples lives for the better. They help with so many body functions. It helps support the immune system, encourages healthy digestion, helps reduce imflammation, supports cardiovascular health, helps maintain health cholesterol levels, supports cognitive function, helps support proper circulation, improves sexual health, and promotes increased energy. I am so excited to share these products with everyone. Check out this video on our Triangle of Health. Kyäni is in 63 countries right now and is working on being launched in many more. This is a ground breaking opportunity and the time to join is now. Kyäni has less than 1% market penetration which is amazing. The opportunities are endless. I am so glad that Kyäni came into my life when it did. We are a military family. My husband is active duty Navy and thanks to Kyäni, I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful little girls. This company has given me the time freedom that I want and the paycheck I deserve. Kyäni also offers a retirement plan as well. Money gets added to your retirement account every month. You only have to be an active distributor for 5 years to be able to draw your retirement out at the age of 60. Incredible. Check out our pay chart which is made by our legal department. You qualify for the dream car program once you hit the rank of sapphire which is only the 3rd rank. I absolutely love Kyäni and what it has done for me and my family. Join me today and lets get you started so you can make the money you deserve.   

This article was published on 10.08.2016 by Megan Kelly Haston
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