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Life is but a meme

"What's your problem?"

That's what the poster of yet another non-sensical meme posing as profound statement said to me after I blasted it.

I didn't bother to answer the hapless loser, who spends most of his time searching for these 'uplifting!' memes and never gets anything done.

He seemingly lives for the praise of others with nothing better to do than haunt so-shill media commenting 'Awesome!' and 'That's RIGHT!' and countless other lame scribblings that add nothing to the already wasted newsfeed space.

A more thoughtful person asked "What do you mean?"

Here's my reply...

"Useless drivel. Fluff.

Time-wasting fantasies thought up by people who have nothing to do but dream up what they believe are profound statements, but only showcase their boredom due to lack of getting anything real done."

I don't know if he got it or not, but it must have satisfied him because he hasn't elaborated.

BS like this is one of the main reasons I despise so-shill media.

Others include: It's a colossal waste of time, it is proven to make you stupider, it's addictive (and designed that way), and it's being used to manipulate the thoughts and behaviors of all who become ensnared in it's diabolical web.

Which is why I've started a campaign to rescue those wise enough to realize they must escape. Or at least show them how to put this usually wasted time to use.

Step 1 is setting yourself up in a bidniss that would be more difficult for the Communist Overlords to shut down. One where you don't have to take an experimental shot proven to cause an awful lot of harm to some people. A shot that isn't even approved (and probably never will be) by the FDA.

You must have a gig that you control as much as possible if you ever expect to enjoy the freedoms too many have taken for granted.

It can be done, and it takes a bit of time and effort. Far more effort than following along blindly with the sheep who need someone to tell them what to do to save them from the pain of thinking for themselves.

But what have you got to lose?

A year from now, when yet a new variant of the killer flu vyrus shuts everything down again, even after you've been possibly poisoned by a 2-stage vax with multiple booster shots, will you be able to pay your bills if your employer's bidniss is shut down arbitrarily by the mindless goons sanctioned by the State?


I've been lucky so far. My offline gig is relatively secure and I've increased my income from that biz by a factor of 4x in the past year.

But you may not be so lucky. You might have to ramp up your activity and get something going right now, before it's too late.

If you're ready to take your life back, and flip a double-barreled middle finger salute to those who wish to imprison you in your own home if you don't 'volunteer' to be a part of the biggest medical malpractice experiment of all time, jump on the link below like it's a life raft in an ocean of misinformation spewed from the mouths of gubmint talking heads.

You're running out of time.

This article was published on 03.08.2021 by Dave Kotecki
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