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InfinityTrafficBoost earn BTC 2.74 by surfing and referring

InfinityTrafficBoost BTC 2.74

I have become aware over the last few months of a remarkable claim by Mr Frank Bauer at InfinityTrafficBoost (ITB) using a video, that clients can earn 2.74 bitcoins without investing anything except the time it takes to surf 15 pages with a 15-second timer, termed the Free Way Method. Yes, it may seem amazing, however he claims that by just surfing 100 pages daily at ITB, and by signing up four friends to the ITB platform anyone can make bitcoins in a few short weeks. The method takes approximately 73 days - but depends on unknown factors like cryptocurrency exchange rates, how fast you can get sign ups and what your sign ups do exactly, etc. The platform may respond slightly more slowly or quickly, but the method basically doesn't change. Of course, there are advertising credits to gain which can be used to advertise your websites on the ITB platform. The system is cheat-proof and has more than 14,000 members in March 2020. The results are not guaranteed, but the mathematically-tested revenue share idea is successful because it is based on effort not investment amounts. Members who are active are more heavily rewarded than inactive members. ITB accepts bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, altcoin, Payeer and credit cards.

Fast Track Method

Some people may find the idea of surfing 100 pages daily a little daunting and time consuming. Mr Frank Bauer has thought of your reluctance and devised an alternative method.

This faster technique named the Fast Track Method, is different in that clients have to purchase for themselves a Traffic Package Option (TPO) for BTC 0.00025. This purchase must be paid for from your pocket rather than from surfing rewards, but as you may predict,

if the client pays in this way the required number of pages surfed is reduced to a measly ten pages a day and the amount of time is just (10 x 15 )150 seconds! This TPO gives you advertising power on the ITB web site.

The Videos

The videos on the subject are well thought out and of high quality. They are all available on YouTube. Frank Bauer takes a great deal of tme to explain all the different parts of the earning process, the different factors involved and how they interact with each other.      

He explains what should be done on any particular day of the procedure, the results you might expect and what should be visible in your bitcoin balances at any one time.


I request that you should consider becoming part of my group which will help us to investigate these claims made by Frank Bauer in these videos.

What You Should

If you consider and agree straight away with the idea to investigate these claims with me, then send me your email to

By way of encouragement I would like to offer you some bonuses.

This article was published on 06.03.2020 by Nigel Barksfield
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Infinity Traffic Boost - Advertising space, Free to join

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