If you want to rank a video fast you need to focus on the most important ranking factors! But knowing what YouTube and Google are looking for is the key. Below we present to you the top 28 methods of ranking a video at the top of the search engines FAST.

1. Average Time Watched

Create quality content that keeps the user engaged.

The goal of YouTube is to provide the highest quality content for its visitors, so they will keep coming back for more. You want your videos to have the highest percentage of watch time possible. For example, if you have a 3 minute video, you want people to watch as close to the full 3 minutes as possible.

2. Total Video Views

Focus on promoting it so you will be able to get as much views as possible.Announce your video to your list. Embed the video on high traffic sites as well as your own website. Announce the video on social media sites.

3. Keywords in the Title

Use 55 or 60 characters.Put title with your primary keyword phrase at beginning. Use a call to action. Use primary and secondary keyword phrases, as many as possible. Don’t repeat the

SAME keywords in the title. However you can use different version of the same keyword in title.

4. Keywords in the Description

Write long and relevant descriptions and to incorporate all major keyword phrases.Use all 5,000 characters allowed if possible. When you use all 5,000 characters you can use your keyword multiple times… no more than 20. Try to include more variations of the same keyword.

5. Keywords in the Tags

Use as many relevant keywords as you can fit in as tags (including your primary and secondary keyword phrases). Use short tags and long tags combined with several 3-4 words

6. Incoming Links

Run an incoming links campaign that points to your video.

Use a combination of incoming links like articles, blog posts, forum

commenting, etc. Use pages with high authority and established position. Quality is important! However quantity still play a big role!

7. Social Signals

Social interactions like FB likes, shares, comments on FB, Twitter, Reddit and other social media. This is more and more important!

8. Total Likes and Dislikes

Ask viewers to “Like” your video! Ask them to share love :) Do whatever it takes to make them like your video! Get creative.

9. Total Embeds

Embed the video wherever you can. Page should be relevant to your topic. The more authority the better! This is more and more important!


Ask viewers to leave comments for your video - create a real discussion… answer question, post comments yourself… use it!

11. Total Shares

Ask viewers to share your video. It is a great sign that your content is great and real people like it. So YouTube and Google will be more likely to show it in good premium spots!

12. Click ability

YouTube and Google want to see some interactions with your

content.So encourage your viewers to click on the link under the video in description.Add your link in annotation, use cards and add strong Call-To-Action! Give them good reason to click and make them want more…!

13. Transcription

Your transcription is the actual words you use within the video when you are talking. These days, YouTube can instantly transcribe your video and tell you what you are saying throughout. You can edit it as you want… so you can add some extra keywords inside that will help you get better rankings!

14. Playlists

You can not only add keywords to every playlist - to show what is the main keyword for it but you can also create full 5,000 description to every playlist!

15. Subscribers

Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel. Having your own database of fans will not only increase amount of views for every video you upload but it is one of the important factor. More subscribers is a significant sign that you deliver high quality content and you are

established authority… so you will get better ranking!

16. Favorites:

The number of people that favorite your video or add it to their

“Watch Later” playlist

17. Annotations

this is a place where you can add call to action, add more words

and put your link. Having your keywords inside annotation is a sign that your video is really all about keyword you are trying to rank! So use it!

18. Link to Youtube video in description

We have found that adding a link of the video to description make this video rank better. This is probably a way to avoid spam posting. Show that you are making this as a real person.

19. Authority link in every description

Link to your YT channel, website and social profiles in description - this will show that you are an authority that is active across different social media.

20. Flags

Fight any flags you may receive

21. Total Channel Views

Do all of the above to generate more total views for each of your videos.

22. Total Channel Comments

Are you proactive? Do people like to interact with you? Are you seen as an authority? Your channel activity is a good sign to measure this! So try to make this place a living community of people who help each other and share thoughts and content.

23. Keywords For Channel

You can add special keywords that define your YouTube channel. Be sure to choose smart. Add a short keyword but also use some longer more specific keywords! This will show exactly what you are focusing on.

24. Keyword rich text in About section in channel

There is a section “About” in your channel! Be sure to add a lot of content filled with main and long-tail keywords.

25. Authority links to channel

Link to your page confirmed (need to add special file and verify your website), connect FB profile, Twitter profile.

26. Connect Adwords to Your Channel

Do this...even if you are not yet ready to use paid media. It will dramatically increase authority of the channel and it will allow you to create a retargeting group of people who watched at least one of your videos. You will receive a lot of insights about your audience. When you add some paid method to your marketing mix you will have a highly targeted group of people who already interacted with your content! This is absolutely the best way to start with paid traffic :)

27. Virality

The more Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, Stumbleupon likes, Google+ shares,and other social media engagement your videos receive, the more viral it will get.When your video receives a lot of social media shares, that tells YouTube that your video is popular and is starting to go viral. When they see this, they will give

you a higher ranking.

28. Age Of Video

The (lack of) age of the video matters as well when it comes to ranking your videos. You may think that older videos are more established and receive higher rankings, but that isn’t always the case.It is actually quite the opposite, because YouTube wants to supply its viewers with the most up-to-date information possible, while keeping high quality.

Oh there’s more…but the above should get you started on your road to video SEO success!!! For further information, please visit us at http://www.SevenFigureMasterMindTeam.com/kiwi011  Above the Video on My Page In The Top Right corner of the Page you will see a Sign up Button Just click on that and put your Name And Best Email In the form to Receive More Info From Me About Video Marketing Strategies http://www.SevenFigureMasterMindTeam.com/kiwi011

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