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Used, Old and Broken Gold? Are you kidding me?

Used, Old and Broken Gold? Are you kidding me?

If you watch TV you will have seen, of at least heard, the commercials that offer to buy your used, old or broken gold. Commercials that are designed to sucker in the uninformed into parting with their gold for pennies on the dollar.

#1 Gold is VALUABLE as a hedge in any economy against inflation, devaluation of the currency or as a medium of trade when the economy is no longer viable.

#2 Gold does not get "worn out" or lose vale by being "used" no matter its form be it bars of bullion, coins or jewelry it has its metal value and does not lose it due to age.

#3 A 10 oz bar of gold if broken, crushed, mangled or mutilated in any other way retains its metal value as long as it is not reduced in size IE is still 10 ounces.

In other words these offers to buy your used, old or broken gold are little more than commercialized attempts to rob you!

When out economy collapses, and it will, (As of Sept 2014 the annual interest on our national debt exceeds the governments income from all sources) metals such as gold will be the only viable option for standardized trade and you will NEED gold to be able to barter for needed goods and services.

Sure you can stockpile things like salt or honey but how long can you trade for something before the person trading with you has a surplus of your goods? How many pounds of salt for a pound of bacon, a gallon of milk, or for a pair of shoes?

Gold has always been a medium of trade and will always be accepted everywhere and in unlimited quantity by all.

There is however 1 problem with gold....

If you have a 10 ounce bar how do you cut it up? How do you take off just the right amount to pay for a pair of shoes or a gallon of milk? How will the recipient know that the "shavings of gold" you give them are pure and 24 karat?

The answer is simple "Buy in SMALL Increments", you can buy gold in amounts as small as 1 gram, worth about $50 in today's market, or in certified (Kinebar) amounts of fineness for about $73.

NOTE:- A Kinebar is a gold bar which contains a "Kinegram" to prove its authenticity. "Kinegram" is a trademark of OVD Kinegram Corp. (Switzerland). A kinegram is a security device embossed directly into a substrate, in this case the gold bullion. It is intended both as a security feature and for visual appeal. This certification is a secure method for a buyer to know that the gold they are buying is real, and certified as stamped.

NEVER NEVER sell your gold to those thieves on TV! Instead BUY gold and save for a rainy day. Contact me, Udo Hoffmann, at or (715)426-0518 for a quality assessment, detailed information or instruction on how I can help you to get started today.

This article was published on 08.02.2017 by Udo Hoffmann
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Frank F. Mayes ABSOLUTELY Agree! Nice to see I'm not alone about our debt-ridden economy. Buying gold is the smart thing to do.  6 years ago

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