When you look around anymore what do you see,

When you look around anymore what do you see, people on cell phones/smart phones.

Even kids have a smart phone, a tablet and they are more up to date on how to work it than most adults.

Some people have discovered how they could tap into this ever growing industry by providing APP’s for people to download.

I’m just curious have you ever thought about having your very own personal app?

Well it is possible now that you can and you can use it for whatever you want well no porn or things of that sort.

I found this out on the 16th of this month and I have already shared my personal app with others and those who have downloaded my app have received the information that I have set up in my own back office to manage apps.

Whenever I want I can change what I want to share, if I want to take a video and send it I can, an audio or text.

Right now it is about the app and the system so people can find out about it through me.

What I am really excited about how it can be used to help with a prayer chain.

I don’t know if you know how that works there are a few people who call a few people each having their own list to call.

It takes a while well think about this, with the APP that members can download when the prayers are needed it quicker and easier.

Only need one person to go into the back office of this system write it up and send; everyone gets the notice A.S.A.P.

What if you posted your QR code for anyone who walks into your store to take a quick photo and everything is entered and they instantly get the information you set it up with.

Want something new on it, simply login to your back office and enter the new information text, video, audio and it unlimited how often you do this or send.

You set up your own icon so everyone has it, and here is a plus the app will remember all the other apps so if you get a new phone and you can’t remember all the apps you had just remember this one and it will load all the other apps for you.

Now how crazy is that?

There is tons of great things to share about this so why not download my app today to find out click the link of snap a shot of the QR code and find out more.

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This article was published on 18.07.2016 by Wanda Robinson
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