The New Oil Barons the first investment club MLM

Join the New Oil Barons investment club for only $5

...and we'll give you an Oil Certificate worth five gallons of crude oil FREE.

Not only that, we'll keep on giving them to you every time someone signs up in your downline - five levels deep!

We are the first ever oil-based MLM, and one of the few online businesses that has nothing to sell or buy.  Our only product is Oil Certificates which are FREE and can be accumulated and cashed in 12 months when oil prices have gone up from their current lows - or kept until prices go up even higher.

The beauty of it that it costs almost nothing to join, while providing the opportunity for massive returns for recruiting new members.  All you have to do is tell people about the opportunity to get lots and lots of certificates with ever-increasing value. With very little effort, anyone should be able to collect enough certificates to fill a railway oil tanker (720 barrels worth, maybe $60/barrel)

How much effort is “very little”? Well, if you recruit just one new member a month you'll have ten members in your downline. If each of them do the same, you'll have 100 more, and if those people each recruit 10 you'll have another 1,000 who also might recruit ten , who might do the same. That   will give you a total of 111,111 oil certificates. If oil has  gone back up to its 2014 price of $110 by then, you'll be worth 12.22 million dollars. Not bad for a year's hard labor is it?

Of course, this isn't a perfect world and no MLM operates as smoothly as  that, so don't be surprised if you only make a million .

I know you're thinking “but you don't pay anything monthly”.  And that's very true, but we're an investment club designed to let you get into the oil market while oil prices are at  rock bottom. The idea is to 'buy low..and sell high'. So if you want some very good profits, you've got to let your investment mature. 

But, if you really want an MLM with a monthly income you've got lots of time to sell soap, cosmetics, or tinker toys too. Remember, you only recruited one person a month in the New Oil Baron program. How much time did that take?

For more information please see out website at

Cal Smith

This article was published on 26.03.2016 by cals5839 .
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