Saivian 20% Cash Back on Groceries, Gas, all retail at your favorite stores!

Saivian has officially launched! Saivian is growing in leaps and bounds.  Saivian is a company offering 20% cashback directly to your bank account daily, weekly and monthly. I receive 20% cashback on all my retail purchases from my regular shopping habits. There is no need to change where you shop online or offline. Think retail...all groceries, gas, clothes etc. We even receive 20% cash back when shopping at the big box stores such as Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale.  Anything retail!

Not only do you receive 20% cash back on all regular purchases but now Saivian has added an INSTANT SAVINGS benefit to over 340,000 Retailers across the country! Plus if you are a traveler you can receive another 20% cash back on Hotels and Flights! Ask for details!

I will not have to pay out of pocket for my Saivian business after the first month or worry about loosing team members or autoship again.  

This is a no brainer.  

Who does not need to save money on their monthly necessities. You can receive 20% cash back whether you refer anyone or not but the beauty in this business model is that it does not take many team members to create a good monthly residual income quickly and over time that income will only grow! Just refer 3...this should be easy because everyone wants and needs to save money.

Once someone joins you in your Saivian business there really is no reason for them to quit. Even if they do nothing else but get their cash back monthly they will still have an extra $1300.00 annually in their bank account from purchasing their groceries and gas and other shopping habits.  

But if you decide to refer 3 then you can earn up to $240 monthly cash back with a savings of approx. $3000.00 annually just by continuing with your regular shopping habits. Shop where you shop...changing nothing!

Let alone if you do decide to refer 3 you will receive $5 a day 7 days a week in commissions then onto $20 a day then $50 a day and on and on with not many team members at all. You won't loose these members because why would quit?  I can't find one person who doesn't want or need to save money on all their purchases.

Also because your cash back is considered a rebate and not income you should not have to claim your cash back on a tax return  

If you are interested in finding out more on how you to can save with Saivian please check out my website and reach out to me.

This article was published on 03.03.2016 by Ann Giardino
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