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Hi I'm Steve and I am a friend of the actual owner of Leadmonitor software, this fantastic NEW software will revolutionize how website owners can capitalize on the website as a money-making asset.

Cart and form abandonment can cost the website owners up to 50% in sales via lost revenue/leads every month.

The Leadmonitor software can help track your forms and carts in real time if you are out and about, you will get an instant email notification if one of your forms or carts have been abandoned, so long as the customer has left an email address or contact number you can contact them and push that sale. They were on your website for this reason? possibly to buy from you, and if they were at your cart or contact page they will have wanted information or purchase a product from you. If you can reconnect with these clients then you may secure that sale.

Imagine being able to monitor your website visitors in real time and when a client is at the checkout or on your  contact page and is hesitant? you can set a time trigger that will allow you to converse with your website visitor via a chat facility.

Cart and form abandonment can happen for a number of reasons 

1. Lost internet connection

2. Time out 

3. Distraction

4. Device crashing

At this moment in time, the average website owner cannot gauge how many sales or leads are being lost per month, and if you are reliant on your website for sales then the Leadmonitor can track every single visitor to your website and show you how many visitors actually leave your website.

You can offer a trial of the Leadmonitor software absolutely FREE of charge for 1 month to prospective clients you have identified, No credit cards or money needed whatsoever.

After 30 days our sales team will contact the website owners and ask if the Leadmonitors has helped boost sales/revenue. If the answer is Yes then they are invited to sign up on an affordable monthly fee basis based on the websites unique views per month.

Payment option 1. £29.95 per month below 1000 visitors per month 

Payment option 2 £49.95 per month above 1001 visitors per month

Resellers will receive 25% of the above amount per month every month for the life of the client subion 

If after 30 days the Leadmonitor hasn't boosted the website owners sales or revenue, then the code is removed from the website and they are not charged at all.

This IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK business. it is a sustainable life business that can give you a regular monthly income based on the work you put in.

Example 1. If you have 100 website owners signed up on the £49.95 per month fee then you will earn £1,248.75 per month EVERY MONTH.

Example 2. if you sign a corporation up who have multiple websites IE Alibaba (dreaming here) with thousands of channels then your monthly earnings will be off the map.

Who can I sell to and how do I sell and promote to?

Q. Why do the majority business's have websites? A. To SELL a product or a service that brings in an income!

Every website that sells a product is a potential client of yours.

Identifying potential customer

1. Be meticulous and pick an industry. it might be businesses local to you or international. But pick an industry. it may be Engineering companies who sell water pumps at £4k each or solicitors who do conveyancing services at £2k per deal... It may be a start-up company that sells hand made goods who are missing loads of sales... Or it may be an ebay or amazon sellers who have their own website and pay 20% commissions on sales, Leadmonitors can save them a fortune.

2. Look for websites that sell products or services as these people all need to sell products to survive in business. 

How do I sell Leadmonitors?

1. The fastest and easiest way is to drop your unique URL to mass audiences on a daily basis to people who develop websites to sell or use websites for business.

2. I find that actually doing the leg work and visiting specific websites works the best.

Find a website and go to the contact page

fill out the contact form and put your information in.

In the comments section simply say this "If I had not filled your form in completely you would not have received this message from me! 

Did you know that you are probably losing up to 50% of your website sales due to incomplete forms?

Let me show you how you can boost your website sales completely free of charge for 1 month. If this does not work for you will not be charged at all. 

View a live demonstration here (insert your link) and that's it. Save time on this method by cutting and pasting the text into the comments box.

Financial example for a garden shed seller who sells on Amazon, eBay, and their website 

20 sales of shed per week at a sales price of £500 each via eBay or Amazon = £10,000.00 eBay or Amazon fees 15% = cost of sales £1,500.00 per week. that's £75.00 per cost of sale per shed. 

If they make just 1 extra sale per week via the website they are making a bigger profit!!! The Leadmonitor will prove invaluable.

To view the live demonstration and see how this works visit https://leadmonitors.com/TCS 

To sign up as a reseller visit https://resellers.leadmonitors.com/TCS 

Please note this is NOT MLM at the moment only a resellers business. However, in months to come, we will be introducing a tier system for existing partners resellers... Be the first to join us and in a couple of months with a bit of work your monthly residual income will start to build exponentially.

We look forward to you joining us and will offer all the support you could need.

Kind regards

Steve Symington 

This article was published on 16.05.2019 by Steve Symington
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Leadmonitor Ltd - Software, Free to join

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