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Elite Tactical Force Project Dreams would like to create an opportunity between (CDR) career driven roles and employment for the ages of 13+. This will not just be beneficial for the people that are involved in this project, but also the partners that are working together to fighting and combat against criminal activity in the local communities. Creating this project will also be a part of a larger scale of productivity within these communities, bringing careers, self-employment and also other aspects of their lives. Working with local authorities like the police force and training providers also gives us the insight that half of the incidents in the UK can be resolved with a simple solution having Project Dreams where people can gain skills, knowledge and team building aspects will not just encourage but be able to develop the level of intelligence that they need to progress into a career that they wish they had when they was a child also, doing this will drop the crime rate down in the United Kingdom by almost 50% At its full capacity, As we have been researching the latest figures of youth centres and providers in the UK for children and young adults, we have learnt to understand that half of the capacity of events cannot be held because they are not trusted enough with the facility. Security, ex police officers and ex military personnel (will be vetted beforehand to illustrate our professionalism under the BS 7858:2019 Screening of individuals working in a secure environment – Code of practice) into one facility makes it more accessible for the public to feel safe in there environment which is something new and never been done before.

Creating Roles from but not limited too:








Joining the Police Forces (Pre-Quals)

Joining the Army (Fitness)

Joining the Navy (Fitness)

and Other Career Driven Roles

even if its Employment or Self-Employment

Including Adult Learning to support those that need it.

Levelling up the United Kingdom Economy.

''We are living proof hence why this project is perfect... Giving what we needed to demonstrate true sharing & caring at its finest''

Project dreams will liaise with schools and communities to ensure that every single one of our peers are working to the capable level of expanding the skills and knowledge on a day-to-day basis, even if that via e-mail, phone, social media or face to face meetings. Project dreams is aimed at everybody, including the people that need help to gain employment and ain't really get in the help that they really need to progress in life from children and adults involved in abuse, county lines, Gang Related crimes or related to other criminal activity. Project dreams will allocate a community team leader within each community that works alongside project dreams. Regular surveys will be carried out weekly to see what the improvements are within the community. So we would have a team going round knocking on doors or an online survey where customers or the community come rate from 1 to 10 on how well we are performing our services. Our safeguarding team is designed by a specialist who works with the Education Department and will be observing every single step of the process to keep our standards at the highest Demonstrational standards To ensure that our safeguarding is meant to the highest standard Parents and Guidance, Social Workers and Carers are able to be satisfied with the results of what we are trying to achieve are running days will be produced for the time of every single activity he has fully completed, like for example cat walks for the fashion industry. Music shows for the music industry and you being able to be seen and live streaming of Events Where and when relevant on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn to show the progress of what we are doing and the improvements to the Youths and Adults.

Project Dreams has also got access to facilities that has music studios, football pitches, dance halls and other facilities. Project Dreams has also got access to facilities that has music studios, football pitches, dance halls and other facilities. Project Dreams also has manufacturing and designing Facilities across the United Kingdom. Elite Tactical Force Project Dreams is also talking to the City of London police and youth services within the UK. Ex police officers that works in schools, safeguarding specialist also a part of the project dreams team. We are working on partnerships with other youth centres and charities across the country.

This article was published on 25.01.2023 by Leigh Turner
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