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Newer Trends and its Impact in Direct Selling

Millennials and Gen Zers have more or less the same attitude while choosing a career and share the same passion and ideologies. These influence their career choosing factors too to a major extent. The major importance that these generations give to flexibility and credibility of jobs that they do indeed is an attractive factor to welcome them to the direct selling industry. With the pandemic setting in and everyone’s mental stability going for a toss, a lot of Gen Zers and millennials have quit their jobs alike due to dissatisfaction, and some losing their jobs due to organizational layoffs and other pandemic effects. 

However, this has instigated the attitude of the majority of Americans toward direct sales to pursue a career that satiates their knowledge hunger, financial stability, and a career that is flexible and credible to them. This has helped them venture into entrepreneurship and some others into remote working opportunities. Gen Z keeps an eye on career options that suit their personality and ideologies. Various surveys show that freedom of speech and expression, independence at work, flexibility, and individuality are the most cited reasons for these generations to look for better career opportunities. An organization that offers better working conditions and personal growth opportunities is always a priority for all generations alike. 

From various inferences drawn from different researches and studies, direct selling companies could take hints from what Gen Zers think organizations could do to hold them back to their work–Understanding the mindset of the generations which was hugely impacted by the pandemic and various calamities that followed. For every individual, priorities have changed and attitudes towards career and life itself have changed to a large extent. This could impact direct selling too and it is imperative to design strategies accordingly. 

Social commerce is viewed as a massive looming opportunity for the direct selling industry and is expected to grow by 36% in the United States alone. Another statistic showing a 24% growth of business startups and entrepreneurship for people looking at flexibility and autonomy at work is again a growing possibility for direct selling to keep its doors open. 

These trends are definitely a rising opportunity for direct selling industries to keep up their pace in the days ahead. Remote working opportunities and individual options to pursue their passions are the best career perks that direct selling can offer for generations who are largely driven by passion and safety than mere money making. 

This article was published on 04.08.2022 by Noufal P Bava
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